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Way back when during the mid-80s.. through the 90s and the beginning of 2000 I liked Wolverine. He was the bad boy of the team. The guy you went to when you wanted someone shredded. Great fighter.. good story archs because not everyone got along with him. He wasn't Scott "Mr. Perfect" Summers or Hank "I'm the brains" McCoy. He was the "Dont get in the way of my beer bub" but things changed and some change is good... but not this.
Wolverine went from healing factor to regeneration. I remember Wolverine in a comic being all bandaged up because it took time for him to heal. Granted it was still faster then a normal person but a stab wound that took a normal person weeks to heal would only take Wolverine 2 to 3 days. Now hes on par with Deadpool and I dont agree with that. I have to blame bad writers and the X-men movie for that. Its more exciting to watch Hugh Jackman heal his wounds almost instantly then watch Hugh Jackman with a bandage on his forehead for 3 days.
Another reason is Wolverine has always been a good fighter. Now hes the best. I dont understand how the guy who fought like an animal... leaping, clawing snarling suddenly can beat the likes of Captain America, Deadpool and Task Master. Yes, he spent time in Japan.. yes, he learned swordsman ship and Bushido but that didn't make him a master of it. Also that's only one style... maybe two. How does he compete with guys like Task Master who mastered so many styles that the list of martial arts is as long as my arm. Captain America and this is right from this site "Cap is a master of many martial arts and has developed his own fighting-style which melds jujitsu, boxing, judo, karate, pressure points, all-terrain acrobatics and the use of his shield.  It is extraordinarily effective." but the guy who uses Claw-fu is on par with him?
ok, I'm gonna end this here cuz I could go all day. Fact is Wolverine became popular and they changed him so he could be the star of the show. Right now if it was Wolverine vs The Tribunal.. Wolverine just might win.    
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Here is some nostalgia from way back when
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I think people need to remember who MJ is to Peter Parker. Peter is nerdy and shy. MJ is outgoing and trendy. When life sucks for Peter he whines a bit.. when things don't go right for MJ she finds another way. Peter looks like average Joe.. MJ is a super model and soap star actress. Mary Jane is everything that Peter Parker is not and that's why they fit so well together. She supports him with his choice to be Spider-Man. When he feels down and wants to quit she reminds him of all the good he has done. She lets him know when he went to far or hasn't gone far enough with the "Go Gett'em Tiger".
I personally as a teenage reader way back when enjoyed seeing Peter Parker married and it taught me a valuable lesson as a young teenager. If a dork nerd like Peter Parker can get "The Girl" then why cant I? It taught me to try in real life not to just back and imagine the rejection in my head. Now in life if I see a woman that I want to spend time with I go for it.
As for MJ gaining powers I would be against it because of who MJ is suppose to be. She is everything that Peter Parker is not... in my mind anyway.    
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I've always felt that the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker some how genetically implanted the knowledge of how to make web fluid. Yes, I know this part sounds stupid but its the only example I can think of... like how baby sea turtles only seconds after being born know they should run to the ocean.