The Hanta Dark

Name: Dark

Height: 7'0-

Weight: 450 lbs

Build: Muscular

Species: Hanta/Hunter

Age: 1,000


Celtic is an alien coming from the race Hanta, Celtic is a inter galactic bounty hunter coming from the enforcer branch of the Hanta military...his job is to capture rogue Hanta and any space bandits that roam across space and than bring them to justice

(that's it for now)


Hanta Wrist Blades

Hanta Plasma Caster

Hanta Wrist Gauntlet

Hanta Plasma Mines

Hanta Disc Blades

Drozinian Metal

Atomic level solvent

Hanta Plasma Rifle

Hanta Plasma Pistol

Hanta Net Gun

Hanta Spear

Domesticated Kuro oni's

(Here is some info on his physical stats)

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