Hanta/Hunter (Alien Race)


(This will be a narrative perspective of Celtic IC translated into human language)

"Everything has a beginning, five eons ago my race came into existence" using his wrist gauntlet the Hanta summoned a holographic projection of a galaxy and than a planet

"We originated from a desolate and barren like planet we call Kibishii"

the holographic image of the galaxy dispersed and the holo planet enlarged

"Kibishii had very little oxygen,water,life and the gravity was much greater than that of earths"

pressing a button on his wrist gauntlet the hologram dispersed and Celtic crossed his arms "My race has gone through much, three massive scale wars, The Great Schism,Kuro Oni infestation and the Promethean Invasion"

Anatomy, Abilities

(Now a narrative point of view)

Hanta's evolved from the planet Kibishii, Hanta are a mix of reptilian and insect like species...their was many times larger than earth and thus had much more gravity followed by the fact that their planet was very close to the sun only a handful of creatures survived in this environment...due to little moisture there were very few plants which meant low amounts of oxygen which allowed only a select few to survive it was literally survival of the fittest. The Hanta evolved to withstand the heat of the planet which was an average of 134 Celsius and the Oxygen would have barely been enough to support a man....The Hanta were able to survive and live on this small amount of Oxygen and manage to survive very long periods of time with out water sometimes weeks.

TRIVIA (Since it's just plain quicker)

  • Hanta at their peak can hold their breath for an hour and use up 75% less oxygen than a full grown man, however the more oxygen rich the environment is the stronger they are
  • Hanta can lift 25 tons with ease due to evolving in a planet with greater gravity than earth, they can also survive a dozen punches from kryptonians before they even start to show physical damage making them an extremely durable opponent
  • The Hanta have a very,very,very, high resistance to heat and cold allowing them to survive in the vacuum of space with out protection
  • The Hanta have a reaction time of one Femtosecond and can also think faster than a super computer
  • The Hanta are very fast capable of dogging rail gun projectiles and rockets casually
  • The Hanta have twenty times more strength under water
  • The Hanta have the ability of high level Psychokinesis but only the highest ranking or most skilled Hanta are allowed to use this the exception or rogue Hanta
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