Most memorable comic deaths

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Thats a Great List!!! 

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I can't believe you concider Laurie's death more memorable then Jean Grey or Illyana's!
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good idea - nice one...

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Grat list !!!

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what about Sue Dibny, the Elongated man's wife? I happened to found this death so tragic!!! T_T  
I'm still cryin she wasn't revive in the Blackest nigth stories!!



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@Nub: I'm not much of a DC fan :P lol and someone sent a missile to their house, that hit the room Old Lace and Klara were in, She protected Klara from the blast, and Molly was lucky because she had just walked out of the room when it happened.
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@pixie_child said:

" I can't believe you concider Laurie's death more memorable then Jean Grey or Illyana's! "


I agree with You.  There're heroes who entered the history of comics for how they lived and died, as Jean or Illyana, not as Laurie...

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@JeanMarvelGirlGrey: Jean dies every other week. Besides. Laurie's death was especially sad because she finally realized what a badass she could be and could have been a great x-woman but she died before she could do anything.
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well!!! I totally agree with u... Jean Grey needs to cease to live in the marvel universe for consideration (I'm not a big fan) Is truly sad that we not get to see more mutants, or new mutants (well, if the born of Hope declares the contraire, please, let us see super badass new mutant powers)
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What about Jason Todd"s death?
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@arrowfan237: Added him ^_^
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Sue Dibny and the original Question should be added.
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 Gwen Stacey's death is the most memorable. <3333333

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@ Jean Grey: Which one? 
Great list :)

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Captain Marvel!

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Thumb ups! excellent list!!! 

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Forgot Lara and Jor-El

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Forgot Lara and Jor-El

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Glad you didn't list Nightcrawler - phasing in around the arm of an opponent was just done for a good image, but wasn't believeable... 
Ultimate Spider-Man?
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Isn't Old Lace still alive?

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@kiddevil: No lol

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: How the hell is chase still alive then?

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@kiddevil: I don't think they explained it yet. lol There hasn't been an issue of Runaways in two years.

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@xxCellPhoneGirlxx: I hope they explain in the avengers academy cross over.

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What about Psylocke and Nightcrawler? I'd rate both of them before Laurie... Despite your reasoning, I'd probably put her at the bottom of the list. Discovering the possibilities of her powers doesn't trump the back story the other characters on the list have, in my mind. Hell, I'd put Jubilee being turned into a vampire more tragic. Also, Professor X, Revanche, Skin, Synch, Phoebe and Esme Cuckoo (their brief lives and deaths were both better written), the first Thunderbird, Banshee, Destiny, the Hellions, and Pyro For DC, Abin Sur and Dream of the Endless (Morpheus) come to mind.