Favorite Mutants/Mutates

They are in order, not some random list lol

Last updated: May 27, 2011

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Splendid list! 

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: ))))))))))

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Awesome list!

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I think I agree with you on about 3/4 of it and I run 6 of their fanlisting! ^_~ That's really cool.
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Great list. You should make a 'X-men I Hate' or 'X-men I Could Care Less About' list.

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well... shockin as it is... Wallflower is a new mutant, a new character... u didn't get to see as much as u see of others characters... but i couldnt agree more in this list... Except for the 1rst spots I agree with most of the characters, except for Jean Grey, I really dont like her... but u did a great list!

Posted by Cherry Bomb

I agree with nearly every one of these.
Jubilee, Rogue, Wallflower, Armor, Cyclops, M are all my faves.

Posted by CellphoneGirl
@Cherry Bomb said:
" I agree with nearly every one of these.  Jubilee, Rogue, Wallflower, Armor, Cyclops, M are all my faves. "
I love them :D
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one word - COOL
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@Pheonix of the white throne said:
" one word - COOL "
two words  
wicked cool !!!!!!!!
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 :D great list!  
I love every mutie in the world but  my favorite muties are in the list:
1) Mystique
2) Scarlet Witch
3) Quicksilver
4) Destiny
5) Magneto
6) Shadowcat
7) Northstar
8) Nightcrawler
9) Multiple man
10) Wolfsbane
11) Shatterstar
12) Rictor
13) Professor X
14) Colossus
15) Strong guy
16) Rogue
17) M (Monet :D)
18) Banshee (Syrin)
19) Banshee (daddy)
20) Gambit
21) Darwin
22) Graymalkin
23) Anole
24) Elixir
25) Butterfly
26) Wolverine
27) X 23
28) Jubilee
29) Cuckoos 
30) Cannonball
31) Husk
32) Indra
33) Blindfold
34) Wallflower (T.......T)
35) Icarus (T.T)
36) Wither (ToT)
37) Dust
38) Beast and/ or Forge
39) Angel
40) Dazzler 
41) Moonstar
42) Longshot
43) Moonstar
44) Magik (Illyana)
45) Pixie 
46) Jean Grey
47) Emma Frost
48) Boom Boom
49) Polaris
50) Iceman
51) Cypher (Douglas)
52) Havok and/ or Rachel Summers
53) Sunspot
54) Magma
55) Mesmero
56) Mr. M (T....T)
57) Pyro (TOT)
58) Warpath
59) Toad (XD)
60) Shortpack (:D )
61) Legion
62) Sunfire
63) Hellion
64) Mercury and/ or Trance 
65) Prodigy
66) Rockslide
67) Surge
68) Wind dancer
69) Marrow
70) Avalanche and/or Loa ( :D that's all heh) 

Posted by Mutant God

Black cat is not a mutant, valeria richards has not shown any powers
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@Mutant God: You do know that she is a mutate right? and Valeria is a genius, which is power.
Posted by Mutant God

mutates and mutants are two different things
Posted by CellphoneGirl
@Mutant God: No shit, i made them part of my list though, since they are similar.
Posted by Lance Uppercut

Icarus <3 You never hear about him anymore. He's like the forgotten Guthrie kid.

Posted by Mutant God

I was just pointing out that they were not mutants

Posted by CellphoneGirl
@Lance Uppercut: Well... He did kind of get killed :/
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BlackCat isnt a mutant and Bishop sucks, but other then that i love your list.

Posted by miki

i like your list!

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Nice list.

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nightcrawler is awsome

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Thank you all ^_^

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Two thumbs up! 

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oh i already saw this list but it is still awesome and i wish i could recommend it again!

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Jubilee!!!!!! <33333

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Awesome list.