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I strode along the path on my karate fighting horse to reach the destination in which I'll be meeting my next challenger. Yes, I said I'm riding a karate fighting horse; a magnificent one at best. Never knew this type of breed existed until now. Wanna know what is more weird about this situation? How there is a place in this universe that exists with no wifi signal? This isn't the stone ages where that doesn't exist!

The intense heat burns the skin of my body. I smile knowing that, while I'm possibly going to get a wonderful tan, and I'm also absorbing as much sun light as possible.

I've been holding up my cellphone for practically like, forever and not a damn thing, and just when I think things couldn't get anymore worse my phone dies! It is upsetting that I was not able to take a selfie with my new companion. Like, Yeah I could zap a few bolts of light from my hands, but that's totally different from electricity. I should really invest in getting a solar powered cellphone.

The tent soon appears and I see two guards standing inside. Are they like props for the fight or something? I charge inside of the place and race around my opponent. He stands there with two spears in his possession. He even has two extra arms..

"Did I forget the memo, and not bring my two extra limbs? At least I brought the Horse, right!?" I hop off my fighting pony and dramatically flip my luscious pink hair. I mean, I have been using better shampoo and conditioner lately, but getting my opponent to think I'm a total moron is going to be his downfall.

With a wave of my right hand a red whip of light appears in my hand. Glancing towards the collection of nice weapons we have to choose from I launch my whip to grab a hold of a battle Ax. With a flick of my wrist I aim it towards my opponent's torso.

As I spin around the temperature of my whip increases as flames appear. Small embers buzz around as I wait for how he deals with my first attack. Then I launch my fiery whip towards him aiming it towards both of his legs. It's so hot that it could leave serious damage to his skin. He'll probably be able to walk, but running will be very difficult if my attack ends up as planned.

I stare at my karate kicking horse, and slowly sparkles of light swarm around him. His persona transforms into a exact copy of me. An illusion beautifully crafted early in the game. Hell, I'm kind of lucky I can bend light like that. My opponent is not gonna know which of us is which, well, I mean the doppleganger who knows karate might give that one away.

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In the mood to win a crown.

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@web_flotsam: imma be going out today, so you can totally start today if you'd like :]

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@valken I had a really great time fighting you <3

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That this was an amazing and very well done post omg! I really enjoyed how the character was dealing with how bending light and stuff works. CPG might have some new competition ;] hahaha



(Cellular Dog is even excited) It's been way too long! And it already feels better having you back <3 <3 <3

We gonna get turnt up!

Everyone, welcome back an astonishing writer <3

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I keep checking every few minutes to see if the new matches are set up.

What has my life come to!

same omg

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Flawlessly walks around like the fairy Goddess that she is.

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@_eclipse_: @cassius_knightfall: @feral_nova: @antidoll: Thank you for your hat recommendations! I'll give 'em serious thought.

@valken said:

I want to see the results soooo bad!

I'll post the results as soon as I get them! I'm not gonna make you all wait until I buy a hat or anything. ;P

I'm waiting for a picture with a guinea pig in a hat announcing the results.