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Setting down my glass of wine I stare eagerly at three photos of the new WAL members I am put in charge of to train. My finger brush through the long strands of my hair as I wonder how the hell I'm going to train them each properly in such a short notice. Usually I would spend weeks studying recruits and making a damn well good training that would benefit them, but this is sorta short notice. I'm going to need to give it my best, and prove as to why I picked for this position.

Moira- The Park

"It's wonderful to finally get to train with you!!" I whip out my cellphone and snap a selfie of the two of us before she has much time to react. "Quick, right? I even managed to get the sun in the background!" Theoretically, I can move at the speed of light, buuuut I'm good not having bugs lodged into my eye lids so I tend to tone down my speed. My reflexes are on point though.

"It's totally a cute photo. Should we use #Mercury? The name very well suits you in my opinion." Certainly, it's up to her if she wants an extra name to go by, but it fits her well.

I pull a syringe needle out my pocket and wave it in front of our faces. I press the needle onto my skin, and I inject the venomous fluid into my body. "In a few minutes I'll be dead. In the field there will be times when allies or hostages are poisoned, and there may not be enough time to get them to the hospital or a healer." What she isn't aware of is that I can burn the poison out of my system if she fails to get it out, but worse abrupt moments like these will stress any future hero on a mission.

Son of Wukong - rooftop of WAL HQ.

My first glance at him, and I already feel somewhat intimated from how tough he looks! "you were a bit of a trickier one to figure out." In all honesty it makes me anxious meaning he will automatically be a challenge for me. I'm really intrigued to learn more about his control over Ki, since I have yet to really work with it. A first time for everything makes life more fun!

As the wind blows I feel heat pouring from my body. I manipulate the light waves in the air causing the temperature around us to dramatically escalate. "I'm rather curious to see how the extreme polar differences in temperature will affect your body, and if your Ki is any different." I move my foot to see liquid cement rising along with the sole of my boot. Hopefully no one notices the minor damage on the rooftop!

Hotaru- Forest

"Blair you are going to die if you stay here!" yelled Hotaru as I push the last remaining parachute into her hands. "Like your mother won't kill me for letting anything bad happen to your on my watch? GO!" As stubborn as she is she pleads with me to jump with her, however, I push her and our teammate off the plane as the missile impacts the our jet with me inside.

I can still feel the burns on my body as I watch this young hero in training walk towards me. She has no clue about my connection to her alternate self that she had with me. I miss her a lot.

"It's a pleasure to finally have the time to be one on one with you." I don't really get a response that makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable. "Sooooo let's start then! I get that you are quite the quick one am I right? Why don't we play a game of tag?" Particles of light begin to break apart my body slowly until I evaporate into nothing. Photons quickly collect together besides her as my body appears back to normal. I whisper into her ear. "Catch me if you can."

I vanish to reappear a yard away from her in distance. "Can you even spot the real Cellphone Girl?" Echoes of my voice repeat as they spread around the forest. Replicas of myself form all around her. Some of them are even trees masked by an illusion of constructed light.

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posted :P

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"Master Blair, everything at the Champions HQ is contained, and Master's Oreos are being guarded til Master's return" Thank you so much, Zachary. Having a telepathic Dog who is the security guard for another team base is kind of the most helpful thing possible to have. It also, decreases my stress tremendously while I am here doing my duties as an Instructor for We Are Legend. With Feral Nova coming to a halt in her mini speech it is time for me to give it a go.

"Hi everyone! My name is Cellphone Girl, or you can refer to me as Blair if you wish. Like, Nova here I was as well a member of WAL for a bit of a time, however, there is an unexpected catch." I notice a few of the new recruits expressions being to change as they are caught off guard.

"In my noob superhero days I was actually trained by Feral Nova, and without her guidance I highly doubt I would even be alive today. It's important to have someone to be able to show you the path of what it's like to become a Hero, or you may not know how to deal with certain situations."

Making eye contact with Hotaru makes me lose focus for a few seconds. I completely understand Nova's choice of having her being trained under me, but it's gonna be like seeing a ghost from my past. Back in our home-world I trained Hotaru while I lead the Vine Titans. She was by far my best pupil.

"After my intense training had ended, and she felt I was ready enough to take on the world I took over leadership for a team called the Vine Titans, and shortly, after that a team called The Champions of Peace, who kinda just later appeared in this universe. What I'm getting at is that as of now you are all rather inexperienced in different areas. With a lot of practice we promise to help shape you up to become the best heroes this world has ever seen. It's an honor to help guide the heroes of tomorrow."

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I'll be keeping my eye on this :]

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"Joke is on him cause my contract with the phone company sends me a new phone every time one is destroyed during combat..."

Not sure if I'm reading an RPG post or an AT&T commercial... <_<

Awesome post though. :P

Oh, and by the way...

This came in the mail for you. ;P

I'm really tempted to make a post in this rpg of Cellular Dog literally checking the mail, and finding a package with a new phone in it, and wondering how the hell she managed to break it this time, along with him snooping through other member's mail would be funny too :P

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I hope my post made sense :P

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This reminds me that I need to start working on Faerie stuff. haha THANK YOU!

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Hearing Madros' voice for the first time in years felt like ice daggers slowly being pressed into my spine until I was unknowingly paralyzed with Fear. As a leader I had no choice but to snap out of it, and continue our progress of searching for this Mad Man. A few members had already broken off in groups of twos which lead me to be go ahead and choose someone to pair up with in these tunnels that smell a thousand times worse than my Dog's poop.

"Mister, Umbra Sorcerer, would you like to aid me in these tunnels? I'll let you perform a wacky spell on me if we survive" I knew he would say yes, but I wouldn't mind making him laugh a bit before we are literally fighting for our lives soon.

A beacon of light hovers over my hand as the two of us travel through this maze. Getting a little impatient of searching this place I sent out a few balls of light to guide us in which way we should go. I'm not sure about the others, but the way we took has a hell of a lot of dead ends. The light would slowly disintegrate at certain areas upon nowhere else to go, however, there is one just not to far ahead that suddenly collapsed.

Following the trail we see two shadows standing there like they are ready to rob us. Jokes aside, I'm partially terrified to see what Madros is throwing at us this early in the game. In a world where life was slightly better to me Madros would have mistakenly spied on this Universe's Cellphone Girl instead of me, sadly, he's not the type of guy to make one. So, he is going to now how to kill me, and everyone else on this team. I see this has a challenge of who is worthy to face him.

I glance over to see my arm instinctively hovering in front of Umbra's chest. Nice of me to unconsciously want to protect him, but you'd think I'd be able to remember myself moving my body parts. Maybe, with being so shaken up with having to fight this mad man it's making me a little oblivious to thi-

That's strange. I can't.. move my arm.. I don't remember having strings being apart of my costume why- "SHIT!" In a sudden swing I feel my body lunching towards my teammate. As I thankfully miss him I use all of my strength to throw myself onto the ground. With the few seconds I have left I examine the strings attached to me. They aren't exactly really connected to me body, but more in an astral leech toward of way. Wow, astral leech. I should win an award for my way of description. At the next mission briefing I'm going to seriously consider making it mandatory for everyone to put on sun screen in case this situation happens again.

I could suddenly feel the heat in my body increasing at an alarming rate. The annoying man controls my arm to reach into one of my pockets pulling out my Cellphone. I drop the phone on the ground to only be forced to stand up and stomp on it repeatably. Clearly, we have a failed comedian here who needs to pay the rent by being a henchman. Joke is on him cause my contract with the phone company sends me a new phone every time one is destroyed during combat, which, seems to happen like, every other week. I could feel melted metal being stuck to the bottom of my boot from how hot my body is. haha I made a pun didn't I.

Now focus Blair, use your Veronica Mars skills. I can't exactly be a damsel in distress while Umbra Sorcerer is as well fighting his own enemy. Look for a clue.. the strings! DUH! So, these strings have to be coming from him I suppose, right, but where at? I follow the trail to see them coming from the his head, of course that would be where the life threatening crystal is. Sadly, only murdering vampires seems to be on my bucket list of murder, and I don't plan on adding anything else to that any time soon.

"Michael, I know for a fact he's gonna use me to kill you. Ignore my attacks, and distr-" I feel my jaw immediately shut in place. That hurt my mouth a little bit, but this at least gives me an idea.

I was able to throw myself onto the ground earlier so this guy clearly doesn't have full control on me, and now he's using his focus to keep my mouth shut, which, means he has less control of other parts of my body. As long as Michael can somehow distract him I could probably knock him out instantly. Madros must have known that I was mind controlled in the past and broke out of it before, this time he wanted to go for a more control of the body type of thing. Madros underestimated me again, cause I'll be in control in just a moment. Cellphone Gods, help us until that happens.