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I watch six of my children as they all swiftly move around me. Each one a vibrant unique soul that captives a different quality that I share. I smile as I see them fight over the remote, punch one another in the arm, and even one of them kicking two siblings off of the couch. Yet, not a sound radiates from their bodies.

Slowly, the illusion of them fades off, and I'm alone accompanied by only silence. I would give anything to be with them right now. I just can't imagine how they are handling the world I left them all in.

I get myself into costume, and head to catch up with the rest of my teammates. I feel honored to take up the responsibility of having a joint-leadership with Fuzion-Guy. The dude, seems pretty chill so far, and OMG I treally can't with how tall he is. I feel like I'm staring at the sky when I'm around him! Like, seriously, when I get around to taking a selfie with him I'm going to have to be levitating for it.

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@jack_: @syapt: @feral_nova:

"YAY! TOUR!" I loop my arm around Nova's arm as we begin the tour through the HQ. There is just something that is throwing me off about this place. I don't know if it's because other Champions and me never made designs for this place, and because this tour guide looks almost identical to me. Hm.. Maybe it's the lack of pink in this place that is the REAL problem?

"QUESTION! Where are the SUPER SPECTACULAR SLEEPOVERS held?" It's a really important question that will have Nova and me on the edge of our seats.

@war_killer: @_eclipse_: I'll make sure to CONVENIENTLY take selfies near important locations in their HQ ;]

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@_ophelia_: Shhhhh no one will no we started a war ;]

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Snaps selfie of CPG in an intense pose contemplating the multiple ways for destruction of the faux CoP.

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@syapt: @feral_nova:

"This flight here took literally fooooooreeeeever!" I walk in to see Nova talking to what seems to be new... teammates? Man, CoPs are even hiring new members of the team without even telling me? I swear, Mistress Redhead always had me in on the loop when she ran things.

I run up to Nova with the biggest hug in the whole wide world since it's felt like ages since we last saw each other! "I MIIIIISSSSSED YOUUUUUUU!" After our embrace I turn to see-

Wow. A chill is running deep down my spine. This green haired girl looks so familiar that it's almost uncanny. It's almost as if I'm looking into a reflection, but obviously pink is way more better of a hair color than green. That poor girl. "HI!!!! My name is Cellphone Girl! Also, totally known as Blair! You should try going Pink sometime. I think it would suit you very well!"

I glance around the room we are currently occupying to notice the structure of the building is not something our team has planned for any new models. Strange. "Since you guys have been here before Nova, and me, it would be super awesome if you can give us a tour? We wouldn't wanna get lost or anything! Also, I'm sure Nova needs to know where the Kitchen is so she can bake more cookies!"

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My light speed reflexes push me to be able to see the bolts of lightning now racing towards us, yet still giving me time to do something. The only problem is that it's at an alarming speed so I need to think fast!

I take a step in front of my Horse and launch a wall of green translucent light in front of us. I watch the electricity travel around the wall on impact blocking a lot of the attack. It shatters almost immediately and I see the bolt aimed right at-

Ugh.. Ouch! I need to stop getting the crap knocked out of me. I glance down to see that my cellphone is now broken, at least my Horse is still alive. "C'mon! This is like my third phone this month! Do you understand how difficult it is to understand how Cloud works!?" Wait, did he leave his Horse to die in the fire?

"Dude, did you leave your Horse to die!?" A burning rage grows behind my eyes causes them to glow a deep red. The veins in my body literally begin to glow red as well as my body temperature continues to accelerate. The ground below me slowly transforms itself from sand to glass from the heat.

I launch two beams of hot light towards his metallic like skin, hoping to at least melt some of it, or distract him at the very least.

I levitate.

Using my vocal chords I scream to manipulate the sand all around us. Soundwaves push the sand to rise high above to the sky masking us in a sandstorm. I hope he has good vision, cause hell, I could barely see anything myself.

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@icarusflies: before each round can you make sure to clarify the post limit, or just tell me? lol I'm very oblivious to these sort of things :P

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@web_flotsam: excuse me, but just to clarify. after you dug underground you opened the ground beneath me and the horsey, and then with us in a ditch, you threw lightning, right?

I just wanna make sure :P