Superheros are the worst parents

i have just come to the conclusion that  superheros  generally make the worst parents.  i would also like to conclude that  i suspect that supervillains  make better parents  and parenting  role-models.  off the top of my head i think perhaps the best  parents their are superheros are Luke cage and Jessica.   so here goes  here are some of the worst  superhero parents ( mostly marvel)  expect spoilers.   strangley it seems to be x men related characters that are the worst!
Scott Summers & maddylin pyrior:      Desserted  his own wife makeing then gave away his child....... has the superpower to  illegitmatley  spawn children from different time streams that turns up.   while mad maddy   attempted to sacrifice her own son

Scarlet witch:       made  her children out of the disspoosedf soul  of  mepthisto 
Jaime Madrox:    impregnated  Siren with a dupplicated and   then  reabsorbed it hours after birth.
Rahne Sinclare:  recently rejected  her  child after birth
Reed Richards:    i am sure he has done alot of bad stuff  to his children including zapping  franklin with a ray to slow down his powers or something ( not read the issues in question)
Wolverine:  has a very bad relationship with  draken    same  with    Xavier  and leigon     as they both seem to be absentee parents.

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i dont get it.... a mini rant

so i cant change a profile picture  even though i have uploaded one  because i dont have enough wiki points   even though the profile in question has no image in the first place to add as the  main one    the world must be going mad

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