awesome blades (i think i might of missed some so if i did just tell me)

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Posted by MichaeltheFly

A very nice list.

Posted by Nerx

Nice work dood

Posted by Renee

I think lightsabers are counted as a swords. The sword of the future lol. Excalibur is my fav on your list.

Posted by CDviper
lol my fav is sword of lucifer
Posted by beastiebeowolf

its origonal

Posted by IIayK

cool ))))


I LOVE this list !!!!!!!
Posted by CDviper
@KNIGHT SAVIOR: thank you i was thinking bout making one for guns or maybe pretty items like the rings or infinity gauntlet
Posted by RoninTheFury
You could also add Dragonfang, which is Valkyrie's sword.
Posted by RoninTheFury
And Grasscutter:)
Posted by CDviper
#18 and thanks for the Grasscutter suggestion
Posted by RoninTheFury
Oops. sorry that i missed Dragonfang on your list. btw, your list is really good.
Posted by CDviper
thank you *gives alittle bow*
Posted by Thunderstone

Dude you don't need any suggestions you have every sword possible

Posted by CDviper
@Thunderstone: well i don't know that
Posted by doomsilver

this is a great list
Posted by CDviper
@doomsilver: thank you *bows*
Posted by goldenshot80
Worst list ever :P
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Posted by TheGoldenOne
Add Dante's sword. Retribution.
Posted by CDviper
@TheGoldenOne: cant find it
@goldenshot80 said:
Worst list ever :P

and this is why people think you have feeling for me
Posted by Leliel