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In the last podcast Tony you said that discounts in digital copies of comics would hurt retailers therefore discounts for digital comics should not exist. I strongly this disagree with this mindset and think that this is a big reason why the comic industry has not grown after the popular movie franchises. Not having discounts for digital hurts the industry as a whole. When you buy a movie ticket at $12.00 you are entertained for 2, maybe 3, hours. If you spend $12.00 on comics you are entertained for maybe 20 minutes. The cost of printed comic books are too high compared to other forms of entertainment. Let's use some historical data to prove it:

The cover price for amazing spider-man 122, released in 1973, was $0.20. The cover price for superior spider-man 22, released in 2013 was $3.99. That is an increase of 2,000%, total inflation between 1973 and 2012 is about 924% so printed comics should actually cost us somewhere between $1.50 and $1.95 if we are just considering inflation. On average Marvel comics, in 1973, sold 300% more comics than they did in 2013.

This data shows that the price increase has shrunk the comics purchasing audience. If the industry does not adjust the comics buying audience will continue to shrink. We have a solution here and it is lower prices for digital comics, if digital comics were $0.99 or $1.30 more people would be willing to take a chance on comics and current comic buyers would take more chances on new books. The success of Apples App Store is centered around the fact that most apps cost $0.99, potential customer are will to make the plunge to buy because the price is so low.

Does this suck for the retailers? Yes it does but if you are a retailer and have not diversified your store (added action figures to inventory, sell trading cards, sell statues etc.) then your business is slated to fail.

Now after all this evidence do you still believe in keeping the price the same for digital and print? (feel free to check my work since you were a math teacher).

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Jubilee for the win

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That coffee table is so boss

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Who is the blonde spidey one the left and the one with the sword on the right?

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I am still sad they cancelled the new thunder cats show, not to mention YJ

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A lot of the reactions on here remind me why people never take the comic book community seriously. The reason why people see the medium as childish is because those who consume it are childish. @gungunw@joygirl@omega_ray_jay There so many elements that make up a good movie, casting is usually the least important. Actors are essentially puppets who dance to the sounds that the screenwriter/director make. You guys are the reason I hate entering comic shops.

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Just read the first trade, it was very good. I am glad the movie is funny but the trailer could have used a little more action in order to entice a larger public. Still super excited.

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My favorite Iron Patriot Moment is when in Siege Captain America throws his shield at Iron Patriot and you see the reflection of the shield getting closer until it hits.

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DC animated is so good. I haven't watched the latest ones (dark knight and flash point) but everything else has been gold.