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@conniption_fit: I think you hit the nail on the head here. Theres been rumors of Marvel's Cinematic Universe possibly going the inhuman route to introduce some characters that would otherwise be classified as mutants, or unexplained powers. Once they have an inhuman virus in the MCU (like an air born terrigen mist) its easy enough to introduce new characters into the films without having to explain back story and power origin. Obviously this would only really work on c-level characters since it would behoove marvel to introduce new fans to a characters back story to get them invested, but for the sake of saving time and filling in the world a little this could work.

Major Spoiler for Captain America The Winter Soldier (seriously, don't read if you haven't seen the movie or care at all about being surprised:

I think this is what they're setting up at the end of the film having Baron Von Strucker experiment with the power source in Loki's staff, which we know derives from the cosmic cube (tesseract). When we meet the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, we're told they're the products of the experiment with the power of the staff and its easy enough to believe that when they eventually escape (or released depending on how the story unfolds) they could be the catalyst for an eventual widespread empowering of the MCU. With Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver being a part of both the Avengers franchise and X-Men, whose to say we won't see other 616 mutants that were at one point on the Avengers also make their way to the film as tesseract powered individuals (this could be the reason behind the increased fusion of Avengers and Mutants in the comics lately). This could lead to us seeing MCU versions of Beast, wolverine, cannonball, rogue etc in the semi near future.

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@kantrip: If I'm not mistaken, this 'Rising Tide group' is actually just Skye. I'm hoping if they go the secret organization route they go Hydra, AIM or the Hand (though the hand wouldn't make much sense here- we need a new daredevil movie to introduce the ninja aspect to the marvel movie-verse)

As for the show, I'd give it a 2.5 out of 5. Very 'Meh.' I went in expecting spy drama with some light humor and instead got a Saturday morning kids show. It certainly wasn't terrible, but so far it seems Arrow is a way better comic character TV show adaptation for adults. S.H.I.E.L.D. will still be recorded every week on my DVR and I'll definitely give it a few more chances before I write it off- you can never judge a new series by the first episode, or sometimes even the first season.

I did really like three things about the show- the possibility of Coulson being an LMD, or even an A.I. that will turn into Vision at some point, Lola, and Skye (gorgeous, good acting and comedic timing). That lead male agent is unfortunately very forgettable- hopefully they can do something to make me actually care about that character.

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I have been dying to play this again since SDCC - A definite buy as soon as I get home from work!

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@Mucklefluga: Ha! the first actor was actually Terrence Howard, but he does look A LOT like Cuba Gooding Jr.

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@ThePRez: The Hub's having its own problems. Rumor is the next season of Transformers Prime is going to be its last, which hurts me just as much if not more than the news of YJ.

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@Ahmed Sherif: Well Avengers is at least getting rebooted. I loved EMH, but I guess I can understand slightly where they're coming from rebooting it with the movie team. I even heard a rumor that the events of EMH might still be canon for the series, and that something will have changed to explain updated roster.

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Good god no! I'm going to keep hoping this is not true.

Young Justice is one of the best animated shows on television at the moment (being amongst other top notch animated shows like adventure time and Transformers prime [another show thats been canceled after its next and final season]). I don't know why some of the best animated shows only last 3 or 4 seasons, especially in an instance like YJ where it seems like theres SO much story left to tell.

Even GL, which had a pretty slow build but finally is reaching its pace, just hasn't had the time to shine like I know it can and will. This is truly sad news, my saturday morning breakfast/coffee/cartoons tradition is seemingly coming to an unfortunate end :(

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His candidness about this makes me like the guy more. Speaking the truth to the media where most people would just say they love everything they do and the movie industry just to save face is very 'captain america' of him, and exactly why he's perfect for the role- not only can he pull off the look, but he has Steve's honesty.

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Its hard to say. I have my problems with first class- namely being that they completely through out the history of the X-Men comic universe to create something new for film goers, and the first time I saw the film I hated it for this reason. I know decades of history of these characters and to see them on the big screen and with a name like 'first class' which directly relates to a very specific team in the comics killed me to see it completely thrown out the window for the film, HOWEVER, after each time I rewatched the film, about 4 times at this point I like it more and more- mainly due to the initial shock the changes gave me lessoning with each viewing.

I've actually gotten to the point where I really like First Class as a film (just not really what I'd hoped it be, but its still a fun movie). With the sequel I was excited, cause they established a new universe for the x-men to exist in that separated it from the comics (and the previous movies kind of). The ability to go in expecting nothing and getting a new story with these characters excited me. BUT, and its a big 'but,' naming it after one of the most revered x-men story of all time wipes away that excitement. Instead I'm just scared that they're taking a story that I would love to see faithfully adapted to the big screen and they'll be doing what Fox does to these things and just completely bastardizing it.

Now don't get me wrong, theres a good chance it'll be a good movie, perhaps even great, but titleing it in such a way they're just setting themselves up to let down fans with expectations of what a 'Days of Future Past' film should be. In my first viewing I'll probablly end up hating it again, and have to wait until its on HBO for a second, third and probably fourth viewing before once again the change-shock has subsided and I enjoy the film for being just that a film.

It would have booned them to create something new, something unique to the the x-men movieverse, but then again being unique and critical thinking is not something I ever really can credit Fox for being.