How movie studios are ruining potential hits with bad design.

The idea of what works on screen vs what works in comics/video games/ whatever source material is getting a little old.  So much so that it seems as though its becoming more "change it just for the sake of changing it" than anything else.   Whether its bad costume redesign (i.e.: x-men movies, thor, green lantern, daredevil, etc.), changing the origin of characters (x-men movies, again), or the general characteristics of the story (daredevil, wanted, etc) it gets to point where you have to ask yourself the question of why base it on something established at all.   Is it really just to bring in an established fan base?  If so, do they honestly think that fan base is going to be content with all the changes to the characters that brought them to the theatre in the first place?  The reason they are going in the first place is because of their fondness to the story and character and to see it changed is going to make them feel betrayed more than anything else.

 Warner Bros. Studios new poorly redesigned   
I was watching Wanted the other night with a couple of friends and we got into discussing the comic vs the film and it came up as to why they didn't just call the movie "The Killer" or something along those lines and when the credits roll say that it was "loosely based on the graphic novel Wanted."  We all agreed that the movie was surprisingly good and just and enjoyable film to watch, the only problem was the whole time we were looking for Fuckwit, or Shithead or frankly any supervillian at all from the comic.  This actually left each of us with a nagging feeling the whole time of something left out since they built up a feeling of anticipation by titling and basing the film after the comic giving us a false hope of what we were about to see. 
Almost the same can be said for costume redesigns-  Would you actually believe in the original batman films that Batman was martial arts master if he couldn't even move his head?  No of course not, thats just bad design.  Would you be able to take a team of heroes seriously if they looked like motocross rejects and not like superheroes as in the x-men films?  I know I wouldn't (and didn't).  Don't get me wrong, the idea of redesigns for film is not a bad idea if done correctly.  Wolverines yellow spandex costume probably wouldn't work well in the film, but his x-force costume possibly would.  Look at the Spider-man redesign,  it was based on the original costume but had a little bit of hollywood flair thrown in.  It gave the casual audience an idea of what this character could look like in real life, and it left the fans happy as to them it looked like spider-man  (don't get me wrong, the spider-man movies were not without their design flaws, ehem... green goblin). 
I'm just worried that story changes and bad design choices are going to hault the growing popularity of comic book films, and help kill some characters before their story is fully told.  With all of the Thor images being released you can't go anywhere without seeing or reading about someone bashing the character costume designs (Frankly I think they'd look fine if they only had helmets).  With the first pic of Green lantern (above) released, I'm already dreading that problem repeat itself.  My favorite character in comics looks to have been perverted and has been turned into a Sci-Fi film reject.  I just fear hollywood has lost their minds on the craze of the comic book film.
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