Top 25 Favorite Superheroes

still updating, some more will be added or moved around. Top 10 probably won't move around too much.

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Posted by JLDoom

Man, thats quite the lengthy list! I have to make a longer list myself one day!

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Nice list.

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@rustyroy: Thanks, but it still needs some work.

Posted by RustyRoy


What kind of work? Are you gonna expand it or change it?

Posted by ccraft

@rustyroy: I've recently read a few new titles, and I would like to add Shadowman, Black Panther, and few others. Also below my top 10 needs some switching.

for instance I have Nightcrawler above Roy Harper, so that needs to be fixed. Stuff like that.

Posted by RustyRoy

@ccraft: If you don't mind, let me know when its done.

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Posted by ccraft

@rustyroy: I finally updated this list, next is the villains list

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Great list. I think I should make one too.

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This list.... I like it. Especially Wolverine at number 2. You still need suggestions for Captain America and Daredevil?

Posted by ccraft

@wolverine08: yes I do!

Wolverine is my number 1 now, the recent comics I've read of him were just awesome. It's been awhile since I updated, but I'm going to now.