Since I switched to Digital comics (comixology) I don't feel obligated to keep up with all of my pull list. So of now I'm only getting TMNT, I'll have to collect my DC comics when I have the money...

My Old Pull List had mostly Batman and Justice League related titles.

List items

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Posted by Queso6p4

Nice list. The Phantom Stranger seems to have taken a turn for the better as of an issue or two ago, but I've yet to read last week's issue.

Posted by ccraft

@Queso6p4: Yeah, issue 4 & 5 was really good. But I have yet to get issue 6

Posted by Queso6p4

@ccraft: Me neither. I just grabbed last week's issues yesterday.

Posted by ccraft

@Queso6p4: Do you read digitally?

Posted by Queso6p4

@ccraft: Honestly, no. I'm guessing you do?

Posted by ccraft

@Queso6p4: Yeah, I'm trying to get rid of my paper issues, might try to sell each title as a set at a flee market. like Justice League 1-15 as a set, really wish I had them digitally. I also miss going into my LCS, only downside to digital.

Posted by ccraft

@Queso6p4: Also after Comixology fixes the site I'm gonna get the free 1st issue of some Marvel Now titles. If any are good, I'll probably add some more to my pull list.

Posted by Queso6p4

@ccraft: Well good luck to ya! Yeah, that weekly interaction with the comic store crew is something that I'd sorely miss as well. In fact, I'd probably still go in once in a while just to catch up with them. While that Marvel free 700 issue thing was a great idea I guess they and comixology underestimated the response. At least comixology responded to the hiccup professionally.

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Nice list though where's 1,2 and 3?

Posted by ccraft

@rustyroy: I know right, its a bug. I can't edit my Pull List.

I was going to add

  • TMNT
  • TMNT Micro-Series
  • New Avengers
  • Avengers
  • Shadowman
Posted by Arkhamc1tizen

nice list

Posted by ccraft
Posted by RustyRoy

Great list.

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Nice but I could swear most digital comics are the same price as print. Don't get me wrong I like both but when they cost the same print comics seem like the best option. I would also really appreciate it if someone checked out my pull list

Posted by ccraft

@super_phil: actually digital comics get cheaper after a month, and comixology has sales every week. So in some cases I do get comics cheaper, one time X-O Manowar had a sale I bought 1-8 issues for $0.99 each. Best sale I ever took advantage of.