What is Innate Fears? (Psychology Series)

What is fear? Fear is the feeling we all experience in the face of danger, once the danger is gone the rapid feeling of worry soon subsides. Fear is an emotion that helps us survive, it is an evolutionary trait designed specifically for that reason.

What is innate fears? Most fears like of snakes, bugs, or a fear of strangers is a fear that is learned, but innate fears is a fear that we were born with for survival purposes. We have two innate fears, the fear of falling and the fear of loud noises.

Fears can be learned, this is known as innate learning, babies learn by watching their parents behaviors and interpreting their actions in a situation. Babies aren't born afraid of snakes, so if you give a baby a rubber snake it will play with it. But if a parent shows the worry and quickly removes the snake, the baby will show the same fear that they learned from their parents. Researchers and Behaviorist agree that most fears are learned not innate. Animals are the same way. Here is a short video from the movie Mr. Nobody (2013) showing the innate fears of baby gooses.

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2. Post a ton of Gifs, because people find things they've seen 100x funny.

3. Always post negative comments! Now this one is very important, if your not always disagreeing with something most likely your out of the loop, and being out of the loop isn't cool. And always be a jack a**, and never admit you are wrong, ever!!!

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If your not satisfied with my 5 steps to becoming popular on this site, create your own list in the comment section below.

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Atheist that goes to Church?

I don't believe in God and I've been going to church recently with (a few of my family members, not my siblings or my parents) which one is an Atheist as well. The reason I go is just to spend time with them.

My perspective of Church

It's kind of weird going to church and seeing all these people worship something that I personally don't believe in, I don't mean this in the wrong way, but think of it from my perspective. Imagine you where sitting in a building with 20 or more people worshiping the "tooth fairy" or a GOD you don't believe in. I am not comparing God to the tooth fairy, but just bare with me here while I TRY to convey my point. They sing about terrible songs (just my opinion, but church songs are terrible) about how great the tooth fairy is, they read passages from the bible about the tooth fairy, every now and then they ask the people in church to pray for a certain person who isn't doing so well (which in my opinion is just about as good as asking the tooth fairy for a dollar when you lose a tooth.)

The reason I use the Tooth Fairy to convey my point is because the preacher could have been preaching whether it be about God or the Tooth Fairy, it wouldn't have made a difference to me. I don't mean that as an insult to those who believe.

What I can't wrap my head around is if something good happens believers thank God, but if something bad happens to that person they don't think it had anything to do with God. Why is that?

Now I used to hate going to church when I was a kid, I hated sitting still, but I still believed what my parents believed in.

What I like about Church

Foremost I just like spending time with my two family members, so it doesn't bother me sitting in church for an hour or two. Hell I spend most of the time talking to the Atheist family member (which he/she hates being there).

I do like some of the passages they read from the bible, because some of it does make sense. Now I can't remember what these passages are, but I remember sitting in church and thinking "well that makes sense to me as an Atheist". Just the way the bible is worded makes it interesting to read or to listen to.

I like not being alone, I'd do just about anything to spite my loneliness. One of the big reasons why I can sit in the Church and not be bothered by it. I don't have a problem with those who believe, it's just that if I had somewhere else to be I'd be there. Which brings me to my next reason.

People who go to Church are pretty nice people, maybe if I told them I was an Atheist they would kick me out, or maybe they would let me stay, who knows. I'm kind of tempted to sit alone with the preacher and tell me that I don't believe, just to see what he thinks, says, or does.

I like this song :S

What do you think? Is there any other Atheist who go to church forcibly, or on their own free will?


Recommend 4 Comics for 4 Characters

This is a new series which is basically another "recommend me comics" thread. But those threads die very quickly and only really helps one person. My goal of this thread is to find out the best of the best story arcs for these 4 characters below, so I, and others can get our money worth out of these characters. If this blog does well I'll keep making them based on a set of 4 new characters. And if you see another "recommend me comics" thread that mentions one of these 4 characters show them this blog.

So recommend 1 of the best comics for each of these character, your welcome to recommend more than just 1 comic per character.


  • No Silver-age comics, unless it's one of the best story arcs for that said character.
  • I love origin stories
  • I want hero vs their #1 villain (ex: FF vs Dr. Doom; Batman vs Joker; Cap vs Red Skull)
  • I need the name of the story arc or current run of that said character and the name of the writer.

Recommend 4 Comics for 4 Characters

1. DaredevilI have started reading DD by Mark Waid (#1-5) but still would like more recommendations.
2. Bucky Barnes
3. Hank Pym
4. Fantastic FourI've read FF by Hickman (#1-5) I also plan on starting the 2014 run by Robinson, probably collect it in volumes.

CBM Misconceptions?

Well I watched The Avengers and Man of Steel last night and I gotta say there are a few misconceptions that some people might have with these films.

I'll start off with Captain America, lot of people say he's not a good leader. It's true that the team did not get along at first, which I find understandable, but when they finally began to work together Cap was giving orders left and right. Captain America was a true leader, I used to go along with the notion that Cap wasn't a very good leader figure, until now. I believe we will see more of Cap being a good leader whether it be CA:WS or in Avengers 2.

Now with Man of Steel, arguable the best cbm, some say he didn't save enough people. Superman in that movie was saving lives like every 5 seconds, literally! He saved the kids from a sink bus, saved like 5 of people at oil rig, he saves quite a few soldiers from the Faora fight, he saves Lois about a dozen times.

The destruction of Metropolis, Superman did little damage in Metropolis, if you don't believe me watch the movie again. The World Engine is what leveled half of Metropolis to begin with, and the fight between Superman and Zod caused like one or two buildings and a satellite to be completely destroyed. 1. Zod destroyed that building with his heat vision and 2. Zod pushed the satellite at Superman. And if I'm not forget something the biggest damage Superman caused was when he crashed the scout ship Zod was using to protect the World Engine, it crashed into a few buildings.

So do you agree, disagree? And do have any cbm misconceptions you would like to add?

Just a side note question; Why did Hulk attack Black Widow and Thor? He have the ability to turn into Hulk on command, but when Bruce is injured or in danger does Hulk just come out as a defense mechanism? And do you think we could see another Hulk vs an Avenger, I hope it will be Hulk vs IM or Cap.


Injustice: What villain could have done this (pic)

Who could have done this!? Here's some of my possibilities

1. Superman does this, but it's hard to see him doing this.

2. Wonder Woman goes to an oracle to see the future of the Superman's new world without war. It then shows the skulls and then the camera moves to a Superman looking bada** on his throne in the Watchtower, with WW beside him.

3. Darksied is a possibility

Who do you think did this? Also if you guys know a villain who kills and then collects there skulls, post in the comments below who that might be.


Injustice Big Announcement This Week!

Injustice tweeted that there will be a big announcement this week and they wanted us to guess.

I think it will be another character reveal, or another cinematic trailer for the game. If its another character reveal, it most likely will be 2 or more revealed this time. I think it could be Martian Manhunter, Dr. Fate, or Black Adam.

What do you guys think the big announcement is? And what 3 characters would you want revealed?

So far announced

1. Aquaman Flashpoint skin

2. Blackest Night pre-order bonus

3. Black Adam has been confirmed http://www.comicvine.com/news/black-adam-playable-in-injustice-gods-among-us/146257/

4. DLC Season Pass http://www.comicvine.com/news/injustice-gods-among-us-season-pass-announced/146275/


Pre-ordered Injustice, but the bad news is...

Good News

So I pre-ordered Injustice Gods Among Us from GameStop. I get awesome alternate skins such as New 52 and Red Son, also get a cool Statue of Wonder Woman vs Batman. I haven't decide if I'm going to sell it or keep it, it would be my first DC statue.

Bad News

I'm suppose to get the game on April 16th right at midnight. The bad news is my dad works out of town, and only comes down for the weekend. I'll have to wait until Friday night on the 22nd for my dad to take me. Only way to get it on the 16th is if my dad gets rained out, and I doubt that will happen. :(...

Maybe I should freeze myself like Cartman did until 22nd :)

You guys can always comment below about Injustice. Did you pre-order the game? What characters and dlc do you want in the game? Anything!