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I always wanted this title, but have never never picked it up. This looks really cool. I'm going to have to grab the trades.

Question. do I have to start from volume one with James Robinson's run, or can I start at Volume 4 when Tom Taylor became the writer?

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If it weren't for the stupid lingo, I would want this.

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@kaylee93: Scism is right before the launch of the first volume of Wolverine and the X-men volume one. Prior to that I honestly couldn't really tell you. I read some stuff like House of M and Messiah Complex, but I didn't read much more.

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@megahgfan: I agree Magneto is cool. I really like Bunn as a writer.

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@ganthet2814 said:

Wow another giant cross over going into every single DC title. And to get the whole story you will have to buy every single one of them. This has been done and driven into the ground. Can we just get back to telling stories please. Enough with the giant over arcing stories to sell books. If you can't do it with good writing and art then why are you even trying.

This is a weekly, not an event. If you're going to complain, at least know what you're talking about.

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@ccraft: I know what you meant. I was just commenting that I didn't care for Hickman's run.

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@ccraft: I'm not a big fan of avengers. I tried Hickman's current run, but I didn't get into the story for some reason.

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@captainbritain: Magneto is good. Lots of interesting exposition for Magneto that you don't get in Uncanny X-Men.

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@ccraft: Yes. I love that series. It has really good characterization and does some really interesting fallout from AvX. The art is exceptional too.

If you end up really liking that. I would suggest also picking Uncanny X-Men volume one by Bendis. It continues the story beats for Cyclops started in All New X-Men. You can read them separately, but they're cool to read together. I personally get All-New X-Men monthly and collect the trades for Uncanny X-Men.

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@kaylee93: Try the All New Marvel Now jump on points. I love All New X-men and Uncanny X-men. There was a jump on point in Uncanny X-men on issue 19. All New X-men's jump on point was issue 23 I think. Somewhere around there. But I would highly recommend getting the trades for them, but you can look up anything you're confused on if you don't want to. All-New X-men is my favorite marvel title.

X-men and All New X-Factor just relaunched recently and are only a few issues in. A solo Cyclops series by Greg Rucka starts next week. A new Nightcrawler series launched last month and a Storm monthly was just announced. Wolverine and the X-men just relaunched too. It's on issue three.

And for cool X-men stories you should get the trades for Remender's Uncanny X-Men. I own all seven trades. If you like apocalypse it's a must read in my opinion.

If you have any questions about what's what just ask.