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I was wondering why they exiled martian manhunter. He always seemed like the heart of the JLA. His not often having his own book and having been in more incarnations of the team than any other leaguer. His powerset was big as the big three, Grant Morrison said he was stronger than superman with his similar kryptonian powers in addition to telepathy/shapeshifting/intangibility/invisibility. I assumed the choice to include cyborg would lead to something prove he deserved MMs spot on the team, then...nothing. I hope this arc finally proves he belongs on the team. I always saw him as a million dollar man type (cyborg but basically a human with many enhancements) but they are painting him as a robocop (cyborg but basically a robot trying to hold onto his humanity). this seems like an interesting change. Hopefully they do something with it and prove he belongs on the premier team in DC.

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In regards to story I like what Azzarellos been doing. People need to remember what sets wonder woman apart from characters like Xena is her modern setting and the fact that shes a superhero. While she does occasionally go to ancient or mythical realms for story purposes, the bulk of her stories are in the superhero arena. I think dropping these facts and you're not doing wonder woman anymore. I think the current mix of modern and mythic is a great fit. The show can be something akin to Harry Potter, Grimm, Percy Jackson that mixes mystic concepts and creatures into modern setting.

As for the costume, I didn't like the one above. It has no individuality that screams wonder woman. It looks like a ripoff of a judge outfit from Judge Dredd without the distinct badge or helmet. As the most recognizable female comic character, I figure that adjusting the costumes sillier aspects should be done with the same care as superman. Same as superman, drop the panties. I liked the new52 pants look. The only change I'd reccomend is one from Dresden Codak, regarding superhero cleavage and connect the top over the shoulders. The exposed arms aren't too much for a badass warrior considering wolvie makes it work. And armor isn't too necessary considering this girl can fight superman and her culture spawned the warrior thong look of 300

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@Mister_Sensational: You forget not all mutant powers are attacking powers. There are also mutants like the morlocks whose mutations are necessary for them to just live. Chamber for example, was left without a lower jaw and chest when de-powered. While he didn't die, I imagine other less connected mutants didn't fare so well. Also, the way comics has defined some mutant powers they are a part of that person as seeing, smelling, hearing, touching, and tasting are to normal folk. Look at the claremont story Taking away a persons most deeply personal senses is basically raping that persons genes by neutering them. Mutilation may not be as bad as murder but doing it to between one hundred thousand and one and a half million innocent people is pretty bad. Also, you seem to forget Avengers: disassembled. She killed ant-man, hawkeye, Agatha Harkness. True she was crazy at the time, but no where near possessed like namor. As Dr Strange explains, a result of using her powers is that reality begins to make less and less sense. It takes a lot of will and calm to control this and the stress of superheroing is a direct threat to that control. i.e. it could easily happen to her again if she stays a hero, so she's a continuing threat without Jeans "the phonix made me kill" excuse, unlike phoenix namor

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@Babs: Scott Summers: the Taylor Swift of the comic world

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@Lightburst: Yeah what's up with Scarlet Witch? X-men= guilty/prison sentence, Scarlet Witch= let her go/avengers must protect her? Does she get off because, unlike the X-men ,she could easily repeat her tragedy?

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I've been saying this from the start. The books are far from new reader friendly, at least us pre-flashpoint readers have SOME idea of what characters are talking about when they casually mention past events, new readers like my brother are just lost and confused. If DC wanted to make a new reader friendly restart they should have A) "Ultimate Universe Style" scrapped all history and start from scratch, showing all events and first meetings of any given characters as they went OR B) "Astro City Style" start at some arbitrary point in the timeline (ie 5 years later) but have a clearly drawn out history in mind, regardless of whether they reveal it up front. Although Astro City series come out years apart and all the details are rarely laid out in advance of a plot you almost never feel like Busiek is making it up as he goes along. He teases past events long before revealing the specifics establishing a feel that a real history took place, rather than being aloof and completely unwilling to nail down that ANY event has occurred as DC has.

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is the dark future of Daimian Wayne still viable? They didn't mention any corporation, so maybe planned back then to tease that the corporation is doomed

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Since the integration of wildstorm into the reg DC universe, I had a question about the "century babies" We've seen the iterations of Jenny Sparks in Stormwatch 0, but what about Elijah Snow and Planetary? He was a century baby, who ran a worldwide organization, and put out a Planetary guide for years. Do he or the Planetary Organization exist?

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I'm not saying fighting more metas means nothing, just that its no replacement for training when facing a martial artist. Best example is Green Arrow, as a member of the JLA, friend of GL, and solo adventures he's faced tons of metas and beaten them; still I doubt anyone would expect him to be able to beat Bats. He was also embarrassed by Drakon an enemy whose only power was martial arts skills. Also the metas DD faced weren't always top of the line like spideys or the JLAs. So meta experience is no substitute for martial artist training. That's why GA took a year off to train in One Year Later and Hawkeye trains with Cap

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I don't know why they did the reboot this way. For us old fans it's a guessing game of what did and didn't happen to understand the relationships, for the new fans the old continuity is a complete unknown but referenced enough or built on enough to confuse many. I found the "one year later" experiment a frustrating experience. I thought if they wanted a fresh start with easy jumping on points, go ultimate marvel style, start from scratch.