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People seem to think batman holds himself above the law. He believes in justice and the legal system. His goal is to bring criminals to justice, not exact his version of penalties like the Punisher. He is the best swat team/police detective in the world not juror/lawyer/judge. The traditional vigilante is one who takes justice into their own hands and punishes criminals without regard to the laws chosen by the people. Batman may use extreme measures to prevent the deaths the police couldn’t prevent but stops once the criminal is in the hands of the people. Basically, he’s a bounty hunter who wants to prevent deaths not collect money.

Also, the jokers kills are on the people of gotham’s heads not Batman’s. Arkham isn’t a prison he owns and runs, it’s the city’s. Batman knows he doesn’t have the right to tell gotham what to do with incapacitated criminals. To use a sentiment from the dark knight movie/long Halloween he BELIEVES in Gotham. He believes the people have a right to decide the fate of the criminals threatening them. If the citizens voted to allow capital punishment for the insane he wouldn’t break into the prison and save joker. It would be what Gotham wanted and so justice would be served.

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@Smart_Dork_Dude: Wasn't your scenario the plot of the Animated episode Identity Crisis?

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@Avenging-X-Bolt: I was writing about how his confidence was shown in Teen Titans. I didn't mean he fought for leadership but that he fought Robins leadership. Robin was mostly the unquestioned leader that the rest followed almost blindly. But in an early episode Divide and Conquer, Cyborg has no problems getting in Robins face, making his opinion heard and blaming him, something the other titans rarely did. Robin even does something he rarely does and apologizes. Cyborg also confidently goes out alone and captures the villain that gave the whole team trouble. And despite it being a ploy by brother blood cyborg again disobeyed robins lead when ordered to return and chose to lead his own team, something no other titan does for the run of the show. This shows confidence in his own leadership abilities and his opinions as a hero

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No surprise everything Rob Liefeld touched at DC new52 gets wacked. When will publishers learn?

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To be fair, Black Panther and Batman are pretty equal in the prep department and as ridiculous as it sounds, its a fact that BP has a galactus contingency plan. So it is possible without bats spending a lifetime to do it.

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I'd say definitely beats Namor and Joker, Probably beats Pym and Bats, might beat Spidey, Probably not ShellHead and Strange, Definitley not Hulk/banner. I used to love BP and Bats but the feats they've been racking up are turning them into walking bricks, like Superman was the flying brick. Supes unbeatability is why everyone says Supes is so boring that they needed crisis to make people care about him again. I mean a galactus plan? It took the strongest Marvel heroes or Thanos himself just to knock him down not even beat him. If BP can do it alone, the Marvel Universe should secede the earth to him as the ruler cause he can take universe level threats like Thanos and Galactus

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It's funny as a huge Bat fan I initially sided with him but after talking with my DC fanatic brother I found myself arguing for BP. Basically the thing that makes Bats a more compelling character is why he loses this. He has always been the example of the pinnacle of the human spiri in comics. Indomitable, never deterred and rising to triumph after failure. Knowing how impossible the odds he faces from the like of Amazo and Darkseid(folks that can take JLA single handedly) he dives forward. The reason R.I.P., Court of Owls, and Batman Rises are such successes is because they show bats isn't perfect, he can and will fail/lose. But faced with total loss he picks up the pieces of his broken body/mind and finds a way to win. That is his super power, his human spirit, To never quit and find a way to win despite his frailty. Faced with the loss of his family he used his pain to become a hero, he trained to stand shoulder to shoulder with gods. A batman story where he strolls up and beats everyone is boring and over in a panel; a story where he throws himself in, saves lives, losses and uses his human mind/body to rises to win in the end= priceless. Like Bane, like Mutant Leader, like Prometheus, like the Devil himself in RIP, batman WILL LOSE but ALWAYS returns to win. Its the same reason Spider-man is a great read, he loses. As parker, as spider-man he loses constantly but finds a way to win. With all that in mind the fact Panther is enhanced-human(by herbs) has combat skillson par with bats and ill defined powers/weapons/feats means he would eek out a win or outright kick bats' ass. Since this is an analysis of a first battle only, it is correct. BP is better designed to win upfront. But if you watched the rest of the story, bats would come back and find a way to kick BPs ass, cause that's what he does.

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So basically you're saying in your eyes Batman beats no one

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@Vitaeleous: That's an interesting idea, kinda like an Calibretto from Battle Chasers, or the Iron Giant, or Alphonse Elric from Full Metal, or hell even Chewie. The only prob is he'd need a partner, an Arthegall to properly wield/direct cyborgs power. The traditional league partnerships bats/supes(big 2), wonder woman/aquaman(royalty), flash/green lantern(brave and bold tpb). Considering the lack of use and a recent heart to heart with cyborg, Flash could play this role. With green lanterns eventual partnership with arrow, you can tear flash/lantern apart.They can create an new cyborg/flash partnership like the world's fines(supes+bats)t or the hard traveling heroes(green arrow/lantern). They could be the techno/science partners. The science of flash (flash fact) could complement the science of cyborgs new existence. Flashs excessive humanity could balance cyborgs tenuous grasp on his. DC doesn't have a scientist brain trust like marvel has with Reed/Stark/Pym...etc. This could be an interesting dynamic with them as the second wave scientific analysis of problems after bats first wave investigative fact gathering.

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@Vitaeleous: While I agree with you that cyborgs character has a lot more to offer than token black character, i think in this incarnation in the JLA thats what hes been showcased as. Unlike Moywar I loved the teen titans episodes with cyborg. With cyborg, they showed the triumph of human spirit over machinery, almost a modern day john henry. He was a fun character that despite his insecurities about his humanity looked on the brightside and never let it affect his demeanor. He was also a confident hero fighting Robin for leadership, then starting his own team. Unfortunately none of this has been reflected in JLA.

The first arc was a combo of bringing the team together and cyborg origin.Because hes being created most of the time his interaction with the league boiled down to a couple panels in 5 and 6 after the "main" heros already are together. while he stopped the attack single handily he was more a weapon for the league than a teammate. In the next arc and since he practically acts as their laptop giving computer info but no leadership and not much of a factor to move the story forward. there is some interaction but the arguments, fights, and story revelations are reserved for the "main" teammates. After watching JLA: DOOM I had big expectations for cyborg as a leaguer. He was a big factor and in the climax the team leader. he went after wonder woman and stopped her, the team trusted him to fight the big bad Savage singlehandedly to save the day, then he guided them to stop disaster. But here hes told what to do, poses in the group shots, and hangs out in the watchtower. Calling him a weatherman is an overstatement. The difference between him and Stormwatches weatherman is that the weatherman was the undisputed leader. He monitored the world and direct which teammates went where and what they did, even over the objections of those involved. Johns has taken a great character and scraped away a lot of what made him great and turned him into Siri and a token teammate.