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everyone seems so sure Rudd will play Lang but he seems more a fit for Eric OGrady. First the character would fit with movie marvels increased role of shield in creating the avengers, it seems possible the studio would use the antman that got the suit from shield. Also in the test footage the suit bears a stronger resemblance to ogradys suit than the one lang and pym shared. Also, ogrady's more raunchier and funny aspects would fit in line with an alum from Apatow films than the antman that was basically hank pym without the interesting stuff (no wasp love interest/ no muti personalities/ no created ultron)

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@hushofthewind: In the comics Anarky trained with experts to fight toe to toe with Bats for at least a little while

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While I liked the movie in general , particularly finally bringing superman level action to the big screen, I did have several sticking points. First the pacing was all over the place. While not hard to follow it was noticeable. Also the odd contradictory nature of supes relationships with his fathers. Pa tells him he is destined for great things, then tells him to hide at all costs, including the deaths of children. He says you'll be a great force for good or evil then gives no guidance, just hide.He never tells him of the importance or preciousness of human life, just you're great BUT don't do shit(kinda got The Incredibles act 2 deja vu). Jor El seemed more important to clark than his earth folks did. His instincts are to help people constantly against his fathers wishes but similar to jor el, he straight tells him youre not my dad. then after the funeral ditches his mom acting as if he doesn't fit with her or humans (despite having a recently widowed grieving mom that loves him). He doesn't feel a strong connection until meeting jor el, this is shown when he meets up with his mom to tell her he found his "parents" not his "birth parents" and he immediately feels connected to them unlike the disconnection with his earth parents that left him a loner/drifter. Then despite this connection he chooses to destroy all tech that connects him to krypton and his dad. But one thing that really jumped at me is how odd the end seemed. Metropolis is the DC new york. But where NY had terrorists bring down two towers we watch some 20 towers drop and more than that a 20 block radius is reduced to a crater. NY is haunted by 9/11 to this day but Metropolis seems like its business as usual. Finally killing zod. Definitely not a supes move. Many are saying he had no choice its a real take, but thats not right. What sets supes apart is he always finds a way. Hundreds of times in his history has he been in similarly impossible situations but he always finds a way to do whats right AND not kill. The both times he did he quit being superman because he was no longer worthy of the name (exiled to space and gold kryptonite retirement). Its this honor/love for all life and unfailing goodness is what separates Supes from Apollo, Miracleman, Hyperion, and other flying bricks. Take that away and he loses that special spark and as alan moore wrote no longer worthy of the name Superman

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@risingbean: to be fair the pain of being burned forced snake to pause and need momentary aid and x23 doesn't pause for a second being hit by multiple bullets while missing an arm. In a fight situation that pause = death/incapacitation

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I find the comments calling this a popularity contest incredibly condescending. They presuppose anyone voting against Snake is either ignorant of him or votes against him despite knowing he'd win. Some of us are familiar with both. I voted for X23 because I felt the biggest issue would be the element of surprise. Snake is batmans equal in just about everything except experience with meta humans. While he has fought people with powers similar to superhumans he hasn't regularly fought average looking men who chew steel for fun or can kill you by staring at you. So he doesn't enter every fight assuming a baby will morph into a clay monster the size of a truck or that connecting a blow on a mild mannered mans cheek would do you more damage than them. X23s biggest asset as an assassin was her looks being deceiving. Some of the best fighters in MU underestimated her to their detriment. Cap let her walk past him after she publicly killed someone and she hit wolverine with 2 shots that woulda killed anyone else upon their first meeting. The fight rules hurt Snake, acting in character Snake would treat this threat as it looked, a young girl racing towards him. As usual he'd attack with the minimum level of force necessary to end the fight. Even with knives on her hands or speed showings he wouldn't expect the necessary level of damage he'd need to inflict to put her down even temporarily. She walks thru small arms like rain, and continues undeterred after missing limbs. He'd let her get too close or attack her too lightly and she'd get as close to a kill shot that she'd take a leg or arm or some other damage that would prevent snake from continuing at the level he'd need to to continue the fight. If the rules of the fight were dropped and Snake got a dossier explaining who and what she was, Snake would cake walk this fight, but this is a random encounter so he only takes 5 outta 10.

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Nightwing is incredibly skilled. he trained since childhood and even replaced the dark knight himself for awhile. A battle tween Bruce(Dicks trainer) and Matt I think will be overwhelmingly Bats dominated. That being said Matt takes it. The big diff tween Dick and Bruce is bruce on his off hours imagines and trains for every possible situation and trap so he'll never be surprised and already did the prep for everything he can imagine, Dick and Matt on off hours try to have lives and get laid. While bruce has a fannypack of gadgets Dick carrys far fewer. Matts phys skills and experience take this. Both Matt and Dick trained from childhood, and both stopped and are stunted by only seeking one master so Matts super powers put him way over the top by a mile. Unlike Bruce and Matt Dick lacks the killer edge to win at all costs and is genuinely good natured.

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In general GA. But for these particular series Hawkeye. It's been good from the start and excitingbAND fun. GA is starting to get good, but was terrible at the start, and its rarely fun, just exciting and riveting even though GA is a fun character.

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great blog. ( I'd actually be interested in checking out that long boring paper FYI) I agree I'd like to truly owe the comics but I can see where they're coming from. The way i always figured with the digital age of ownership is they are trying to cover their butts because they're letting us behind the curtain. Instead of holding the finished product (with little threat to them financially) they are giving us a form formerly only available to them "ready for mass production status." The easy of transferring this version and the convenience of storage makes digital copy a much bigger threat to their bottom line. I used to be solely a paper comic guy (still prefer to hold them in my hand) but after my seventh box it was getting space intensive. Now I can fit the same amount on a 1tb external drive that goes in my desk and my iPad that I carry hundreds of comics with me. Also, my one physical copy of an issue if resold had no real chance of hurting the sales of that issue on a whole but with a digital copy I could give it away to millions of folks via piratebay and have a noticeable effect on sales. I have been told with digital copies of things it's easy to tap dance around copy protection. So while I think it's unfortunate I can see the rationale and accept it as another concession of life in the digital age :(