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Cap wins with moderate difficulty.

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Brushed up on the thread. My opinion the top five or six guys and we know who they are are probably close enough to each other that on any given day the fights could go any way.

Listing one definite guy above the rest would be hard because just in real these guys are so good just one having a bad day would be the difference in a fight.

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I just don't see any other reason to retread stories like ifinite gauntlet and civil war if not to show plot lines of a rebooted universe.

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So I had this thought today seeing as marvel just announced infinity gauntlet for 2015. What if all of these announcement's leading to secret wars is a reboot of the marvel universe similar to the N52. Where they take all there continuity and clean it up. Maybe make some of it tie closer to the movies. Or they could just want to update 40 plus years of stories.

Just think they could rewrite all the bad decisions like OMD for instance or avengers vs xmen. Just a thought I had what do yall think.

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I wish people would stop saying it's because of the movie rights. Comics don't sell movies. Movies sell comics. Stopping the FF because they don't have the rights won't affect the movie in any way. There is prolly a reason they are cancelling. Maybe they will reboot it closer to what the movie is like to bring in new readers who liked the movie and want more of that type of FF.

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I'm glad I like her goddess origin much better to her clay one.

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I really enjoyed the issue alot. Also I think snyder did a good job making sure the league wasn't shown to poorly (except for aquaman).

He highlighted that Bruce spent a fortune designing the suit to fight the league. What I liked is how he portrayed it all.

Bruce knows he can't take Diana in a straight fight she's way to powerful so he outsmarts here. Snyder also made sure to let us know that non of the leaguers were at there full potential.

Flash not being at full speed is a prime example. If flash was 100% he would have destroyed the suit.

Now aquaman I don't have anything for cause that was a super quick way to deal with a high tiered opponent.

But I will say my favorite part was superman. Snyder is not wanking batman into the batgod that some users like on here. You can tell when the scene occurs batman hopes it's not him. He's worried that maybe the suit is not up to the task of dealing with the man of steel.

All and all I was happy with it and can't wait for the next one.

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He already won an Academy award.

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I just have no want to read a female Thor, which is sad because God of Thunder is one of my favorite titles right now.

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This...this is a thread? Maybe the mods haven't woken up yet to lock such a spite thread.