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Big Boy Magazine #506 2

When I was a kid, I used to get the Big Boy and Captain D's comics that those restaurants gave away. I wish, wish, wish I still had them, because they were a lot of fun, but alas, they were damaged in storage at some point, and have been gone for many years. So back in 2002, in a visit to a Shoney's (aka Bob's Big Boy), I checked to see if they still gave away these free kids comics. The answer was no, the comics I remember are no longer available. However, there's a modern version of it called ...

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Exclusive Collectors' Edition: Spider-Man 2

***SPOILERS aplenty, but it's from 1980- get over it.***There is so much comic-y goodness to this comic, the only thing I can do is just jump right in! This is a promotional comic from 1980, and the thing to remember is that it's not just promoting Aim toothpaste and Pepsodent toothbrushes (see the last page's great ad) it's also promoting The Amazing Spider-Man. What better way to do that than a beautiful origin recap? Since it's on the inside front cover, the higher quality paper has really he...

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Wonder Woman #11 2

I just got to read this issue today, and once again, I. am. loving. it. I have enjoyed a couple runs of Wonder Woman in the past, but never once did I think that it would be my favorite DC title. This 2011 series is. I read the official review before I was able to get to the comic shop and pick up my copy, so I was a little trepidatious about it. From what I was reading, this issue, while still awesome, felt a little rushed. Could Azzarello suddenly be rushing to finish an arc?That's possible. E...

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Dial H #3 2

****BROAD OVERVIEW, MINOR SPOILERS****I have mixed feelings about this title. When I read the interviews about it online, I was actually excited, because it hinted at some characters returning from the Chris & Vicki run of Dial H For Hero, back in the 1980's. Now that it's here though, it's...weird. Those characters are here, and that's great, but the rest...I don't know. Maybe I just don't like the main character that much. I don't hate Nelson Jent, I just don't find him that relatable. I g...

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Savage Dragon #180 2

*****SPOILERS*****For several issues now, Savage Dragon has been dealing with an alien invasion. The Tyranneans - the race Vanguard is here to watch out for - showed up en masse, and flat out attacked. Their monstrous foot soldiers have been wreaking havoc, and by this issue, everyone is in the fight - Malcolm, Angel, the good guys, the bad guys, the Atlanteans, even the gods - and they're losing. Not just losing; dying. Dying a lot.Angel and Malcolm realize they can't fight the aliens, so they ...

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The Weapon #4 2

Spoilers or bust...and I don't go bust. It's from 2007, so read on, and save the back issue hunt.Last issue, The Weapon and the Lin Kuei had reached the final leg of the search for the scroll of chi mastery, and now we are in the final leg of The Weapon mini-series. Tommy swoops in and snatches the scroll from the Forest Demons, and fights them off, finally unleashing a solid light slingshot that starts the trigger on the whole slew of traps in the volcanic cavern. Using skill and the last of hi...

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The Weapon #3 2

Yet more spoilers, but it's from 2007 - you've survived this far...The Weapon #3 jumps right into it again. As Tommy stands off with the Lin Kuei ("Forest Demons") he gets a little more history from the leader, Sheila, before she and her assassins take Megan Dean-Hughes on the last leg of the search for the scroll of the secrets to mastering chi - "The Way of the Weapon." Sheila leaves a brutal looking, ham fisted, huge blade carrying initiate of the Lin Kuei to kill Tommy in combat - a chance s...

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The Weapon #2 2

Spoilers continue, but it's from 2007 - if you haven't read it by now...Jumping into The Weapon #2, Tommy Zhou, aka The Weapon, and Megan Dean-Hughes have hopped a plane to get to a temple built by the Shan-Tao order, so they can find their way to the scroll that details mastery over chi. Along the way, we are treated to a little more history on how the order of Shan-Tao are tied to the founder of Buddhism, and possibly the Boxer Rebellion, and how the Shan-Tao have figured benignly into the his...

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The Weapon #1 2

Spoilers aplenty, but it's from 2007 - you'll live.The Weapon just kind of dives right in and gets the ball rolling. The character is kind of like Green Lantern pretending to be Iron Fist. The main character, Tommy Zhou, has created a "laser resonator system" that can "generate coherent holograms" (translation: solid constructs made of light). That's the GL bit.The Iron Fist bit is that there's an ancient order of monks called the Shan-Tao, who developed a style called Wu-Shi Fa - "the way of th...

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Supreme #63 2

(There might be a few broad overview spoilers. I'm not doing the pink spoiler bar thingy, so proceed at your own risk.)Having read Alan Moore's run on Supreme in the Checker Book reprints, I thought it was kind of cool that this unpublished story was going to bridge the gap between Moore's stories and Erik Larsen's. The story is fifteen years old though, so I lowered my expectations a little bit. After all, Moore's not coming back to the book, and personally, I think his time is passed on this c...

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Supreme #64 2

Before Supreme #63 came out, I owned a total of five issues of the title: #0, #1, #2, and a couple I don't even think I read. I didn't even pick up Alan Moore's run on Supreme, until it was released into trade paperbacks by Checker Books. Those are, by the way, excellent, and you should hunt them down if you haven't done so already (along with Judgment Day, Moore's other Extreme work reprinted by Checker). That's not what this review is about though...Supreme #64 is the first issue of Erik Larse...

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Fallen Angel (2003) #1 1

There were two reasons I picked up Fallen Angel #1 from the back issue bins: 1) I wrote a poem of the same name when I was in high school, and 2) I had heard a few good things about it in comic shops. Frankly, from solicitations, I thought it was trying a little too hard for the dark, mysterious feel, so I hadn't been all that interested. Besides, the back of the book tells the tale of what it was fighting against when it was released. In September of 2003, The Hot List was Formerly Known as the...

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Xena Annual #1 2

Beware of SPOILERS!I have to be honest: I smirk every time I look at this issue. Like any Dynamite book, this one has multiple covers. Comic Vine shows Cover A & C, but the one I have is Cover B, by Noah Salonga. It was the image that originally caught my eye in the original solicitation, in Previews. The reason it caught my eye is because to me, it shows Xena grappling with an alien that looks very much like a Predator. So I ordered it, read it, and remain convinced that this annual was a r...

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Knightmare #0 2

SPOILERS aplenty in this review, but the book is from 1995, so if you haven't read it yet, you'll live.The story in this book isn't horrible. It's not executed in the best fashion, but it isn't horrible. Alec Knight is muscle for a mob family, and the story starts off with him disagreeing with the way they dispose of someone who skimmed from their operations. He and the lead muscle, Sal, have a fight, Alec wins, and later refuses to have anything to do with the mob's plan to deal in nuclear weap...

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Kaboom (1999) #1 2

Back in 1997, I had heard some really good things about Kaboom, but it was one of those books that I never quite got around to reading. Enough so that I didn't actually realize that when I picked up the #1 for the 1999 series, that I wasn't picking up the original #1 (from the 1997 series). So I may have been working at a disadvantage right there, but it really shouldn't be that way.It's not unusual for a new story to start in the middle of the action. It's a good trick. It gives the reader the ...

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Alan Moore's Awesome Universe Handbook #1 2

I ran across this book in a dollar bin, and being a sucker for any type of Official Handbook, Who's Who, Sourcebook or Secret Files, said, "Sure, why not?" In the front, there are several pages of Alex Ross black-and-white sketch work that's as beautiful as anything else we've come to expect from him. There are also a few sketched pages from Youngblood in the back. It wasn't until I got it home that I realized there are text pieces by Alan Moore inbetween.Since I had written a blog about the pub...

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Wizard #228 0

I haven't read a Wizard in years - probably for close to one hundred issues. I picked up issue 228 about a month after it came out, after running across some online articles about Mark Millar's upcoming new character, "Superior." As an aspiring writer myself, Superior is a name I had been developing for a book, so I was a bit crestfallen to see that the name was being used. Especially since I was seeing images very similar to what I had envisioned my own character to look like. It's complete coi...

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