Z: Comic Book Disco

Every Disco Needs A Disc Jockey

Welcome to cb's Comic Book Disco, where "Disco" is short for "Discontinued."

Every single title I've ever collected will be listed in the Disco eventually. That's covering decades of collecting, so I'm breaking it up, a new list for each letter.

You are now in the Z playlist. Enjoy. <Y (Disco Fever) A> (CB Disco) (TPB-Side) (1 Hit Wonders)

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Posted by lykopis

I mentioned it before but it needs to be repeated -- I am so impressed by not only your collection of comics, but just the sheer amount of work in lining them all up like this, your links and easy access alone make it noteworthy.

The images you chose for each letter was fun as well -- in these lists and also your TPB lists -- just wanted to let you know I noticed and appreciated them.

Just phenomenal, all around. :)

Edited by cbishop

@lykopis: Thanks so much! I'm glad someone enjoys those touches as much as I do! :D