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I just started working on a series of lists called Comic Book Disco, detailing every comic I've ever collected (yes, I have records of that). The things is: I have a lot of trade paperbacks too. I thought about it, and I don't really want to mix my TPB's in with all of the single issues in the Disco, so I decided to make separate lists for them. This is getting a little bit on the crazy side, so we'll see what happens. In the meantime, thanks for checking out my collection.

You are now on the TPB-Side of the W volume. Enjoy. <V (Disco Fever) X> (Flipside)

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Whiteout? Autographed? Greg Rucka?


I can't even...

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@lykopis: Yeah, one says, "Stay warm," and the other says "Stay frosty." XD

And it's the original covers, not the current covers. I was getting those signed while everyone else was getting Batwoman's first issue of Detective signed.