Trucking Adventure With Tyco's US1 Electric Trucking (Comic Ads #25)

Comic Ads are more than just the mountain of Hostess Ads we know and love. Over the years, many a company has used one page comic ads to shill their products in the pages of comic books! So I thought I'd do a list series that showcases those ads, and shows you what issues I've found them in. To me, these are as much a part of comics history as any superhero, and I love 'em for the nostalgia they bring. I hope they do the same for you. Enjoy.

As simple and straightforward as this ad is, I really like it. That's probably for the nostalgia that it brings, as I actually had one of these sets as a kid. I had the trucks shown, with the gravel loader, gravel pit, pipe loader crane and pipe pit. Keep in mind that this is an Eighties toy- you had to put your imagination to work, to have any fun with it. Otherwise, after you load and unload a few times, you start to realize that you're just watching trucks go in circles.

What's really awesome to realize about this ad is that the toy it's advertising is the inspiration for Marvel's U.S. 1 title- the twelve issue series about a trucker that just seemed to come to comics for no good reason. Well, untrue. There was a very good reason, and it's called "licensing deal." Tyco asked Marvel to write a series to help promote the name of the toy, and they delievered, a little over a year after this ad. I go on at length about this in Would U Buy It #91.

The back issues for the comic can probably be found in the dollar bins (or cheaper) and they're a fun read. If you get the chance, check 'em out.

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