Traction Action Bulldozer (Comic Ads #48)

Comic Ads are more than just the mountain of Hostess Ads we know and love. Over the years, many a company has used one page comic ads to shill their products in the pages of comic books! So I thought I'd do a list series that showcases those ads, and shows you what issues I've found them in. To me, these are as much a part of comics history as any superhero, and I love 'em for the nostalgia they bring. I hope they do the same for you. Enjoy.
The other half of the page

Okay, honestly, this one barely qualifies for Comic Ads, but thanks to those three pics at the bottom that say, "Climbs!, Dozes! Pushes!," we have comic frames! So booyah! Comic ad! This is actually just a half page ad. The other half was for some SSP cars, but it was just one pic, not an actual comic set-up. If it had just had word balloons or something, I'd have grabbed it up.

I was actually surprised that I could find zero pictures of this toy on the Internet. I found plenty of cool old toys in the search though, so hey, have a gander at those, and the full page ad while you're at it:

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Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Minimalistic. Zealous (I don`t use that word in proper context, but I don`t care much).

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Really, I wasn't going to do this one as its own ad, but I miscounted, and I needed something to fill the gap so the Kenner batch would reach #50. That one's going to be fun. Well, I think so anyway. :)

Posted by lykopis

You actually had me looking up the word "dozes" as a verb but even Scrabble only accepts it as meaning a number of light sleeps! What the heck? That apostrophe does nothing to lessen my confusion!


Posted by cbishop

@lykopis: The World Book Dictionary:doze(2) v.t., dozed, dozing. to grade with a bulldozer; bulldoze. ;)

Posted by lykopis

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

(can sleep now)

Posted by cbishop

@lykopis: Sweet dreams. <clicks off light, tiptoes from room, steps over drugged dog, tries to shut shattered door, runs down street to car>