The Barbarian Horde

Barbarians all. I'm looking for barbarians that held their own title. I'm sure I've missed at least a couple or three.

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Why not, quite simply, add ALL the barbarians?

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: These were just the ones I could think of off the top of my head. I was kind of trying to stay with barbarians that had their own title. Who are you thinking of?

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@bronze_surfer: I put him on my "In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle" list, but I'm thinking of combining them, because characters like Ka-Zar are a little of both.

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GROO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3

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@lykopis: Yeah, I miss reading Groo. His publishing history is so scattered though, it's hard to track stuff down. Dark Horse really needs to do Groo Archives and get it all in one place. :)

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@kuonphobos: Ooo, Dagar and Death Dealer for sure. The rest I'll look at later. Thanks. :)

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Here is a related list for some comparison should you like. I found it looking at the Attila the Hun page.

I case you didn't know I am a fan of both ancient history and sword and sorcery and was also considering a list somewhat like this one. =)

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@kuonphobos: I'm just a nut for themes. I've been thinking about combining this list with my Jungle Lords list (aka In the jungle, the mighty jungle...), just because there's similar lists to both.

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@cbishop: If you are looking for a HUGE list, that would work (combining) but personally I really like the distinction. Many of the jungle Lords are modern (or Victorian/Edwardian) folks who exist in some "Lost Land" or "Land Out of Time" so for me at least they deserve their own list as a genre. And most of the barbarians are linked to fascinating fantasy worlds or actual historical periods.

I also like that you are maintaining the distinction of each "barbarian" having their own title.

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@kuonphobos: Yeah, I've batted the combo idea back and forth a bit. It seems like the jungle guys and the barbarians all wind up fighting fantastic monsters and such, eventually. That's my main reason for thinking of it. While the list is separate though, I figured I'd limit the barbarians to ones that have their own title- I didn't want to get too out of hand with it.