T: Comic Book Disco

Welcome to cb's Comic Book Disco, where "Disco" is short for "Discontinued."

Every single title I've ever collected will be listed in the Disco eventually. That's covering almost four decades of collecting y'all, so I'm breaking it up, one list for each letter.

You are now in the T volume. Enjoy. <S (Disco Fever) U> (TPB-Side)

List items

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Posted by lykopis

Okay, the previous list had Superman vs Alien (as in, the movie) and in this one, I see Tarzan vs Predator -- I have to say, your collection pretty much covers it all. o-o

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@lykopis: If it's an intercompany crossover - as long as it happened before DC was releasing Final Crisis - chances are very good that I've read it and/or own it. I love those things. And yeah, I've read many, many comics. (Yet there are so many that I haven't read) :)