Superhero Graveyard

Occasionally, heroes do die... or seem to, anyway. Take a guided tour of the Superhero Graveyard, and get a glimpse into the dark side of being a superhero. Share their grief for a time, if you can bear it. Be on the lookout for mourning heroes, gloating villains, fresh bodies, ghosts, zombies, or other undead. If you hear muffled screams or knocking, speak up - someone may have been buried alive again! You never know - we may even see a hero return from the grave.


When their tombstone's on a cover, I plan to place it here. If you see "~" it means part of the headstone was obscured from view or illegible.


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Nice concept.

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@Liberty: Yeah, I thought about Ghost - I'll definitely get there. Love that one you linked to - made me laugh. :D