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All records have a B-Side, and the Comic Book Disco records are no exception. Only here, they're TPB-Sides, listing all of my trade paperbacks. Thanks for checking out my collection.

You are now in the L playlist. Enjoy. <K (Disco Fever) M> (CB Disco) (TPB-Side) (1 Hit Wonders)

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Posted by lykopis

omigod -- Little Lulu! You have to tell me why --I want to know the story behind you having these.

Edited by cbishop

@lykopis: Hey! I missed this comment before! As a kid, I'd read anything that was a comic book, and I had a single issue of Little Lulu in my collection at some point- I think it was something that my grandmother had given me (I've picked up a couple more since then). It's like reading any kiddie book of the time- just cute, innocent fun, and who couldn't use that in their life? These TPB's came out at a good time for me, because I had an odd realization: that even though I love superhero comics, those aren't the ones I reread. It's the kiddie books, like Little Lulu, Richie Rich, Pink Panther, Road Runner, Casper, Hot Stuff, etc., that I used to go back and read twenty times.

I think it's just that kiddie comics make the absurd a reality. Can Richie Rich's dad have a giant gold mountain of a vault for his wife's jewelry, that's "safer" after it sinks into quicksand? Yep. Can Uncle Scrooge lose the Candy-Striped Ruby in a pile of peppermints? Yes, he can. Can the Road Runner talk in rhyme better than Etrigan the Demon? Why yes he can. They're just fun. So the Little Lulu TPB's came out, and I decided I'd like to read them. I haven't read them all yet, but I will. :)