I Have Issues (Box 20 - Superman Family Titles, Wildstorm & Mags)

Single issues in my collection.

Didn't find on CV:

  • SDCC Update 2004 #3
  • SDCC Update 2005 #1(2), 2
  • SDCC Update 2006 #1-2, 3(2)
  • SDCC Update 2007 #1-2
  • SDCC Update 2008 #3

List items

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Posted by cbishop


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Why not add the single issues themselves, instead of the volumes?

Oh, right. Alot of work...

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Not just that...

  • Adding the volumes means the volume title is listed automatically.
  • These 56 volumes (and the ones listed at the beginning that aren't on CV) represent 197 single issues. I'm trying to keep them at 100 items so it doesn't jack up my edit capabilities. If a box goes over 100 individual volume titles, then I plan to split it into a "Part 1" & "Part 2."
Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k

Yeah, but if I wanna know what issues they, I haveta type it to the search bar...

But whatevs, I suppose...