For Keeps (Box 8 - Nightwing, Guardians of the Galaxy, Handbooks & Others)

More stuff I'm keeping.

Couldn't find it on CV:

  • Roger Wilco #3.

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Oh wow, Loaded Bible sound very cool. Hard to come across stories that avoid taking this kind of subject matter and making it senseless and ridiculous (like the example you gave).

I am impressed with that you have.

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@lykopis: There's a certain level of ridiculousness to it, but that's unavoidable once you start mixing clones, vampires and such, but it's believable-ish. lol

Oh, and this is very little of what I have. My Comic Book Disco is my full collection, past and present (but mostly present).

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I`m envious.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Honestly? Having this many comics (as seen in my Comic Book Disco lists) is cumbersome. I have to get them pared down to what I absolutely love. The problem is as I go through them, find something to love in way too many of them. I'm hoping to scan a bunch of stuff, just for my own mementos, so that I can get rid of the comics (not scanning whole comics, just certain ads, text pieces, maybe some really great splash pages or covers). :}

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But you`ve got Tom Strong, Irredeemable and Howard the duck!

Mementos. Cool.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Howard the Duck was ahead of its time! That and Destroyer Duck are easily comparable to anything Image put out in it's first few years, creativity wise. Love those books!

The Tom Strong listed is "ABC A-Z" - it's kind of an Official Handbook/ Secret Files & Origins for America's Best Comics. I am trying to get all of the ABC trades that are out. Haven't completed that collection yet.

I picked up the first three Irredeemable trades together, and they blew. my. mind. I'm looking forward to picking up the others eventually. :)