For Keeps (Box 51 - Hardcover)

I'm sorting my collection, and this box I'm keeping.

Stuff not on CV:

  • The Annotated Mother Goose
  • Mother Goose (1950's)
  • Bible Stories (1950's)

List items

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Posted by cbishop


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Do you collect just trades?

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@delphic: Nah, but I do have a lot of them. With the hardcovers, I used to live in an area where I had access to a place that sold them at half cover- I couldn't pass up some of those deals. :)

It just happens that the boxes I'm doing today have trades/HC in them (and maybe regular books [not comics]) and were easy to open, make the list, and move on. I'll be doing the boxes with single issues in them at a later time.

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@cbishop: I've collected single issues for a few years now, and I had a problem with them just piling up, and never being read. I've decided to switch to trades because of it. I won't be able to keep up with the latest gossip, but I think this way, I'll probably save more money and be able to actually read what I buy.

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@delphic: I ran into the same problem over the years. I had most of my stuff in storage at one point, because I had very little personal space where I was living. The problem was that my LCS would have these great ten cent sales about three or four times a year, and I'd buy about 300 back issues at a time- easily two magazine boxes (little bit bigger than a short box) worth of books. I only had space for two boxes at a time, so those would wind up in storage before I could read them. Now, I'm sorting my collection and unfortunately, a lot of that unread stuff is going to wind up getting sold back to a store, because I'm just tired of lugging it around.

I still buy single issues, but not like I used to. I get a few titles that I enjoy, and everything else gets passed over, or I buy it in trades eventually.

You can run into the same problem with trades though (and I have) so be careful not to buy too many at a time. It's always great to buy them off the shelf when they're new, but honestly, if you're looking to save money, buy two or three at a time from Amazon so that you get the free shipping on top of their discount.

If you really, really want to save money, ask your local library to get the trade in. ;)

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@cbishop: I do the Amazon thing, plus I pay for Amazon prime which gets me free two day shipping. I'm collecting the Fables series that way. They way I'm doing it is to only buy one trade at a time, and to not buy the next one until I finish reading the current one I have. I already have a whole lot of trades, and many of them I haven't read either, but the good thing about those is that they are a lot easier for me to store than single issues.

As far as the Library goes, I never am able to get a book back to them on time, so I always rack up huge fees. It was a nice suggestion though.

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@delphic: Well yeah, getting it back to the library is a must lol.

When I do Amazon, I do the Free Super Saver Shipping, where if you buy $25 worth of stuff, your shipping is free, but it's "standard" shipping, so it gets there when it gets there. It's usually a week or less though.

There was a time I wouldn't even consider Amazon, or online buying at all. I was very much a purist about "support your local comic shop." However, that's when prices were reasonable.

The industry started complaining about paper prices though, and the book prices started going up. There was additional cost in having to recolor the stories for the newer paper (different printing process). When I started seeing $15.99 for a three issue trade, or $17.99 to $19.99 for a four issue trade, or even $29.99 for the one inch thick books, like "X-Men: Mutant Massacre," that was the end for me.

I had to go to Amazon just to get the books back down to a reasonable price. I'll even look at the used copies, just to get it even cheaper. That may be bad for the LCS, but y'know what? The LCS isn't going to pay my bills if I get behind because I was supporting them. <shrugs> Comics is an awesome hobby, but you have to temper it with sound decisions, like paying cheaper prices, and not buying more books than you can read. So it sounds like we're on the right track lol.

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@cbishop: I hear you. I could handle those $50 a week comic splurges when I was living at home, but once I moved out and I started having to pay rent and other bills. It became harder and harder. Also the guy that owns my LCS, doesn't have "sales" and he tries to get what he paid for a book no matter how old it is. I've seen back issues with $1.50 markings, and he sells them for modern day pricing. He can do that too because he has a monopoly on comics in my area.

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@delphic: Sounds like someone should open another shop in your area. ;)

I've been very fortunate over the years, as far as my LCS. There's always been competition, and there's usually one or two that are great to their customers and have cool sales. My current LCS lets me borrow comics to scan the ads for my CV lists! How cool is that?

I've been screwed over once or twice by LCS guys, but never the same guys twice. ;)