Crossover Ho

That's me - a big ol' crossover ho. This list is for those comics where one comic universe meets another comic universe. If it has more than one issue, I'm only going to post the first issue, and note the others in the description.

CROSSOVER TPB, not listed on CV:

(1993) Batman vs. Predator TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(1995) Batman vs. Predator II: Bloodmatch TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(1996) Superman/ Aliens TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(1997) Batman/ Aliens TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(1997) Tarzan vs. Predator: At the Earth's Core TPB. [Dark Horse]

(1998) Batman vs. Predator III: Blood Ties TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(1998) Predator vs. Judge Dredd TPB. [Dark Horse]

(1999) Tarzan/ Carson of Venus TPB. [Dark Horse]

(2001) Green Lantern vs. Aliens TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2001) Joker/ Mask TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2001) Superman vs. Predator TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2002) Spyboy/ Young Justice: Young Spies Like Us TPB. [Dark Horse/ DC]

(2002) Superman/ Tarzan: Sons of the Jungle TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2003) Batman/ Aliens II TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2003) Superman/ Aliens 2: God War TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]

(2007) Superman & Batman vs. Aliens & Predator TPB. [DC/ Dark Horse]


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Plenty of good ones listed here, a big list to say the least. 
Just to add here's one you DON'T want to add but that's just me.: 
Star Trek X-Men
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(to be edited in relation to this list)

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Thanks. :) I really do love crossovers - the Batman/ Punisher crossovers are still two of my favorites. I only just started reading the JLA/ Avengers TPB.

And I actually didn't mind the ST/X crossovers.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

Wow, at least three just on the last page alone I missed and want.

Also, those Lobo/Authority are probably pretty brutal.....

Posted by cbishop

@Donovan Montgomery: They were a romp for sure. There's a TPB of the Lobo/Authority crossovers - find that. ;)