Comics' Greatest World

Comics' Greatest World was one of the relatively short-lived universes of the 1990's. It had an excellent start, and X, Barb Wire and Ghost had excellent publication runs.

This list will cover Dark Horse's Comics Greatest World line (later known as Dark Horse Heroes).

Not on CV, but I have:


(1993) CGW: Arcadia TPB. (silver foil logo) (2 copies).

(1993) CGW: Golden City TPB. (gold foil logo).

(1993) CGW: Steel Harbor TPB. (red foil logo).

(1993) CGW: Out of the Vortex TPB. (blue foil logo).


(date?) 2: Nocturnes TPB.

(date?) 3: Black October TPB.

(date?) 4: Exhuming Elisa TPB.

(date?) 5: Painful Music TPB.

(date?) 6: No World So Dark TPB.


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