Clergy in Comics

This is just a baseline list. I'll add to this later.

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Wow I'm surprised this list isn't bigger. You'd think religious based superheroes and villains would get a larger fanbase.

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@jake_fury: Thanks.

@dngn4774: Not really. I was just thinking about the handful I knew of, and thought I'd make a list. There are more, I just couldn't recall them off the top of my head, and didn't have time for an exhaustive search.

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Father Richard Craemer from Ostrander's run on Suicide Squad

Perry Dennison got bitten during by a parasite during that Bloodlines thing in the 90's and called himself Cardinal Sin. His half brother also got bitten and became the Samaritan (I wish I was joking)

Chapel from Image Youngblood, but he was only named "holy" with no real priestly connections though killing was his church.

The Holy from Punisher, a demented vigilante priest with an axe

Nightcrawler was considered for Pope once, meaning he'd hold the rank of at least Catholic Cardinal but you'd have to check.

The Confessor from Astro City

Silver Dagger from Marvel, he use to hunt werewolves and vampires

Initially was William Stryker a zealot priest from God Loves Man Kills? They then changed him into a military dude

And Daredevil villain Bushwhacker was originally a priest before becoming a cybernetic killer for the CIA

Hope these help :)

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@batkevin74: I've got Cardinal Sin. The others...I don't know if I want to add everyone who has church connections, or just the ones who have it in their name. Kinda leaning towards the ones who have it in their name.

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Wasn't there an Image comic called Priest? A dude with a gun and a cross on his face...I think I own it

Yeah, this one

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It happens to you you awkwardly often. Curse on ye, there is. = (

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: It actually hadn't happened to me lately- that was a surprise. I thought they had fixed it.