Batman "The Muse" (Hostess Ads #11)

On a site dedicated to making a wiki history of all things comics, comics ads should not be forgotten. Especially the ads for Hostess Fruit Pies, Twinkies, and other snacks. Starting in 1975, Marvel and DC heroes (and the Harvey characters!) spent seven years throwing Hostess snacks at a bizarre line of villains to stop their crimes. Although many of the villains were completely silly, they were created specifically for these ads, and in many cases, not even the names have been used again, since the ads stopped in mid-1982.

So I thought I'd show an ad here, and make a list of the comics I find it in, as I run across them. This list features: Batman "The Muse." As noted on the Hostess Superhero Advertisements page:

Synthesizer player the Muse actually transformed famous musicians into audio sound, trapping them within his instrument. Already on the trail of missing artists Rich Jaggard, Jim Colorado, and Elfish Hipsley, Batman and Robin distracted the musician with Hostess Cupcakes and freed the singers.

To read the ad, The Muse sounds very much like Marvel's Klaw. Nine years later though, DC would reuse the name The Muse for a theater themed villain that first appeared in Blue Beetle #5 (12/86), trying to unite the city's gangs into one, unified army. He was killed at the end of the arc, in BB #7.

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