Answering SumoSlamMan: Non-Capes Writers That Interest Me

Just wanted to see how this works as a list.

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In the comment to my blog, "Seven Comic Writers That Inspire Me," SumoSlamMan commented: "All these guys have a lot of great super hero stuff floating around, I dig on Kirkman and Mark Waid a ton, and there's nothing wrong with the capes crowd, but do you dig on any non-super hero comic book writers? Just curious."

Well, typical me, the answer got really long, so I decided to make it another blog entry.

Hey, Sumo', thanks for the question. Hm...

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Posted by cbishop

Willingham's Fables inspires me for another reason, but it's the subject for another blog.

Hope I answered your question, SumoSlamMan. Sorry it got so long, but you literally asked for it. When you get me on the right subject, I can talk the ears off a cornfield. Thanks much. ;) -cb


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Thanks again!