A: TPB-Sides

Captain America
Archie Andrews

All records have a B-Side, and the Comic Book Disco records are no exception. Only here, they're TPB-Sides, listing all of mytrade paperbacks. Thanks for checking out my collection.

You are now on the TPB-Side of the A volume. Enjoy. <Z (Disco Fever) B> (Flipside)

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I can't even...I mean..


First off, I am so jealous envious I can't breathe properly and secondly, the work in compiling all this...just, WOW.

I will come back to check out the rest but I have to say, your links are freaking genius. You are so good that way. :)

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@lykopis: lol, thanks, these took forever to get set up, and right after I got 'em set up, the site redesign tanked the images I used at the beginning of each one - I had to redo those. :}

The bad thing? These lists are nowhere near complete. ...Over 35 years of collecting. Yeesh.

Oh, and the links...I find those to be very helpful in getting people to look at more than one page. It helps me navigate easier too. ;)