A Special Thanks to Ed at Chester Comics

Packed with comics, toys, cards and memorabilia like you wouldn't believe!
So NOT Ed.

Chester Comics is my LCS, and Ed Sanderson is the great guy who runs the place. He's not the Comic Book Guy; he doesn't put expensive comics behind glass and show disdain for unknowledgeable collectors. He works very hard at making his store a feast for the eyes, and temptation for the wallet. Also, quite the opposite of the Comic Book Guy, Ed let me use his store like a library recently, allowing me to flip through back issues to look for comic ads, for my Comic Vine lists. His help was invaluable, and I thought I'd make a list of the comics I was able to find there.

So here's to Chester Comics and Ed- thanks for the help, and thanks for letting me hang out and have a blast looking for ads and other fun stuff. And thanks for letting a day at the comic shop be a much needed distraction. It's very much appreciated, sir. -cb

We reached 100! See Part 2 of this list!

This list is organized alphabetically, rather than my preferred chronological order, so I can keep track easier of the ones I've already used.

List items

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Hey, I`ve got the story of 26!

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Not the ish, in a HC trade.

But as for comic issues from USA, of the passed decades, I have Micronauts annual 1.

I have told you, haven`t I? Yeah, I have.

I could tell you how I got it, via a PM (the secrecy because I don`t want to cause possible inconvenience to a certain person). But not now. Stuff to do.

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@kfhrfdu_89_76k: Okay, fill me in via PM later. Sounds like an interesting story is forthcoming. :)