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What exactly is a half issue? Does it take place before #1?

Posted by cbishop
@Jotham said:
"What exactly is a half issue? Does it take place before #1? "

Short answer: 
Yep, a #1/2 takes place before a #1, but after a #0. 
Long answer: 
Yep, a #1/2 takes place before a #1, but after a #0.  As you can see from the list, most of them are put out by Wizard Magazine.  They started doing these half issues when zero issues were big.  Wizard wanted something that preceded the series, but at the time, many titles were putting out their own #0 issues, so they went with the #1/2.  Wizard has been known to do some #0 issues too though.  You think that's confusing?  Marvel did # -1 "Flashback" issues one year, for all of their titles.  They were kind of making fun of the zero issue craze, and saying, "We went even further back than a zero." 
When DC did it's #0 issues for Zero Hour, that was also during the zero craze, and their zeroes just signalled the reboot of each title, after the ZH mini-series.  Not all titles started with a new #1 - some ended with the #0, and some just continued the numbering after the #0.  The only real way to tell is to find their last ZH tie-in issue, and the #0 came out after that.  In most cases, an Overstreet's price guide will tell you what issues the DC #0 was released between.

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I believe I've (painstakingly) found every Wizard 1/2 issue. There is not much info on the web collecting them, and believe it or not this list is one of the top searches.

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Wow, really? That's very high praise for a simple Internet list. :)

I have kept my own painstaking lists, over 35 years of comics reading, so my CV lists are pretty much transferred info from my own records. Come to think of it, I stopped being so detailed about my own lists, about the time I found Comicvine. Now, I just transfer my records to CV for all to see. I haven't had a great Internet source for the past year plus (he says as he curses his borrowed computer and piggybacked wifi's inability to keep up with his typing speed) so I haven't done much with them lately. Once I have my own Internet again, I hope to waste... I mean spend some quality time on CV, especially on my lists. 35 years of near-obsessive notes should be good for something, after all. ;)

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