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Probably not the most original list, but I have fun keeping track of oddities like this. If it's a zero issue, I'll put it here.

I had an issue listed here: (11/05) Legion of Super-Heroes. Now it's gone - does anybody know if it exists or not?


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Posted by Silkcuts

Another great list.
Glory!!! Wished that series took off.

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@Silkcuts: Thanks. :) This one's ongoing - I'll keep adding as I run across them.

I was thinking about Glory as I was going through the issues - I really wish it had done well too. It seemed like it had a lot of potential. She started off as the polar opposite of Wonder Woman, as far as where she came from, and I think there was a lot to do with that.

If I understood things right at the time, Liefeld couldn't pay Moore for his work on Supreme, so he wound up signing over Glory to him as payment. Moore just took her to Avatar and used her as a T&A cover girl. I mean: "Glory & Friends Bikini Fest?" "Glory & Friends Lingerie Special?" Ugh. Really? Seems like Moore just did that to spite Liefeld.

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