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Hey all, I goofed. 8am GST is 4am EST, and I work the midnight shift. Internet has been limited at work lately, so I cannot call an end to the contest and get a voting thread up like I need to, at that time. So I'm extending the deadline to 4pm GST (high noon EST) so I can be at home to handle all of that. So you get a few more hours- make the most of 'em! (And as soon as the engineers work out the bug that's preventing me from editing the OP, I'll put this note there.) -cb
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@rorie: Character Creation Contest #24, in the Fan-Fic forum. I've got the OP on that, and I've got a "Full Edit" and an "Edit" button. If I click either one, it opens up the edit function, but the content of the post is gone. I tried copying it before hitting the button, then pasting it back in, but then I got an "oops, something blew up" message and it wouldn't post. So I cannot edit the OP.

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@youngjustice: Gunfighter and Villain in the Weird West- accept no substitutes. (And yeah, I've got to get mine written too.)

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@impurestcheese: Ah, thanks for the info. I'd actually never heard that before. :)

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Cool. 2 things: 1) Gondwanaland? I thought the ancient supercontinent was referred to as Pangaea? Just asking- I'm relying on elementary school memories for that. ...and 2) "wiped" out, not "whippped" out. ;)

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@betaraybdw: Well, he was a product of the 80's cartoon for sure, and was often the one stuck with the "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle" speeches. So it's hard for him not to be dorky and annoying.

Oh, and I knew who she was, but she "doesn't exist," so I didn't know who she was. ...That's my story, and I'm sticking to it. ;)

(Still, given her history, she's a Joe, and Duke helped her on a mission. She wouldn't have shot him.) ;D

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"Who Killed Duke?" you ask? This is simple, actually. It's like this:

Farscape takes place in the future, so it wasn't Aeryn Sun.
No hammer blows to Duke, so it isn't Harley Quinn.
No arrow sticking out of his back, so it's not her either.
Okay, honestly, I don't even know who she is, but it doesn't matter, because it's not her.
Lady Deadpool is completely capable of killing Duke, but she probably would have used the gun *and* the sword, and he's not missing any limbs. So it's not her.
Domino is also completely capable of this, and while mercenary, she wouldn't allow herself to be used by a group like Cobra. So she's out.
Black Widow is also capable, but she's been on the side of the angels for many years now, and would more likely be working with G.I. Joe, rather than infiltrating their ranks for an assassination.
The Baroness is too easy. She may be overemotional at times, but she's not stupid. And Duke would never have allowed her to get that close.
Mystique was the only real candidate. Her shape shifting powers are the only way we could have caught all of the suspects on camera with Duke's body. She likely impersonated someone he trusted- probably Scarlett or Lady Jaye, although it could have been anyone- which allowed her to get close enough to do the deed. Just another crime for her to be tried for...if we ever catch her.

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@4donkeyjohnson: Oh, I definitely have the idea, I'm just trying to find the time to write it (and I need to figure out the whole story). Most of the time since I posted the contest, if I'm on the site, it's while inbetween calls at work. Can't really write a good story while doing that.

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