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I have to ask: how many ladies saw the guy in the Luke Cage costume and thought, "Sweet Christmas?" ;)

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That was an awesome interview! And he had more to say than just "I can't say." lol

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Don't feel bad about the WD interviews, G-Man.  Anything they said would have likely been brainless anyway. ;)

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@gambit987: No problem.
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@gambit987 said:

" well i never saw any movies but i know the song 1,2 Freddy's coming for you 3,4 better lock your door 5,6 grab your crusefix 7,8 better stay up late 9,10 never sleep again Sorry if my spelling is not that good i am not american "

Actually, your spelling's fine.  "Crusefix" is actually "crucifix," but that's a hard word, so take a bow - you did awesome.  I, on the other hand, can spell very little if it's not in English. ;)

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From the first film: "I'm your boyfriend now," "Don't run in the halls," and "Where's your pass?"  I used to do a killer Freddy impersonation, and used those quotes in high school to freak out girls.  ...Yeah, I didn't date much. lol

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I have approximately 100 total short boxes and magazine boxes, mostly jammed with single issues*, plus 3 bookcases full of trade paperbacks and hardcovers.  At least half of the boxes are in storage in another state.  The prize of the collection... tough call.  I have several autographed comics.  My first three comics were a polybagged Marvel 3-Pack, and I have 2 of the 3 of those... but probably, just for sheer nostalgia, the gem is probably Devil Dinosaur #1 - the first comic I ever asked my mom to buy me off the grocery store spinner rack (I've been doing this a long time, kids). ;) 
*Conservative estimate: a short box holds approximately 100-150 single issues (very tightly packed) and a magazine box holds about another 20-30 on the side, and maybe 5-10 laid on top... so approximately 15-16,000 single issues, give or take.  Some of those boxes are holding trade paperbacks that aren't on the bookcases - I really gave up counting years ago.

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A lot of what I'm about to say has been touched on, but I'm going to try to be concise in my thoughts... 
1) Alan Scot was the first Green Lantern.  Hal Jordan was the first Earthling in the GL Corps. 
2) Guy Gardner was the first choice of Abin Sur's ring, but he was injured and farther away than Hal, so Hal got picked for expediency's sake - much as Kyle was picked because he was the one there when Ganthet showed up. 
3) The GL title carried the "Man Without Fear" tag for years (which made me think that they should have smooshed together GL and DD for Amalgam, instead of GL/Iron Man). 
4) I think the willpower debate is too close to call. 
     a)Kyle making a different construct every time he used the ring was an editorial mandate, and it fit his character, because he's an artist.  He had the willpower to be Dr. Manhattan... I mean Ion, and to give up that power when it became too much for him to be responsible with.  In giving it up, he recreated the Guardians and Oa.  Not shabby.
    b) John has similar imagination, and actually became a Guardian when on the Mosaic.  And apparently recreated a planet at some point (according to a previous post - I didn't know that [thanks]).
    c) Yeah, Hal seemed to always use planes and fists, but remember: not only did he briefly recreate Coast City before the Guardians stopped him, he drew power from the Guardians, before cutting a bloody path to Oa.  And then walked into the Battery and took its power.  That takes a fair amount of willpower.  To me, going for the green fists all the time isn't a lack of imagination or willpower - it's tactics.  The ring's doing the job no matter what the construct is, so creating a simple green fist that he uses all the time demands less of his willpower, and allows him to also be thinking about the enemy, bystanders, and his next three moves.  It also causes enemies to underestimate him.  Also, he had his moments of imaginative constructs (my favorite still being a pushmower to plow through parademons on Apokolips).
    d) Guy's gotta get a mention, because he was the ring's first choice, and because he had the will to use the yellow ring.  That's cool beyond measure, and may rank his willpower through sheer stubborness. 
I like all the GL's, but Hal's the greatest.  He's also the only Earth GL to have come back from the dead. 
Okay, that's it.  Thanks for your time.

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<sigh> You missed your chance, G-Man.  Getting punched in the dick by one of the Con's pros would've been bigger than the stabbing! lol

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I think it's great that they're putting Hawk & Dove in the Birds of Prey.  Nice addition to the bird theme.  I'm also a fan of the Catman revamp that Secret Six brought about - just awesome.