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I was all for this series, before there were all the tie-ins to go with it.  I'll probably still read it in trade, because it does sound really cool, but I won't be getting it issue by issue.

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@AtPhantom: Ahhh, okay, that makes a little more sense to me now, but <winces> not a lot. lol  As for taste, I really do like the Jaime character - his origin just nags at me a bit.  Everything else was cool.  I thought his book was well-written, I thought he was cool in Teen Titans, and I liked the Ted "appearance" in the last issue.  And hey, he is Blue Beetle now, so I'm going to deal with it (like I have a choice, but still).  I just think the Tim direction would have been awesome, and I think there were more organic ways to bring about the Jaime character.  He's here now though, so you're right, it's semantics. 
As to the stuff about Kyle being the same for Jaime... you're absolutely right.  I'll cut him a little more slack. lol ;) 
@ Lustwish: LOL.  First: love your screenname.  Awesome!  Second: realistically, I know that Tim's probably not leaving that Red Robin identity.  DC seems happy with the derivative name, and they've made it work by putting Tim in the costume (when Jason Todd was Red Robin, I didn't care).  I don't mind Tim as RR - it's just that I'm positively itching for some character to pick up the Ted version of Blue Beetle again.  Jaime's cool - he can be out there too - but I want to see someone swinging from the Bugship again.
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@Liberty: Wow, Liberty, thanks very much for your comment and praise. <sigh> I will say though: as much as I miss Ted Kord, I don't think he's coming back.  They flirted with it in the Booster Gold title, but he sacrificed himself, when he realized that being saved from death was screwing up the timeline.  I think Ted's pretty well gone for good, unfortunately.  As for being Jaime's mentor, I like that idea, but I'm not sure how much he could have really done for Jaime.  Ted's all physical prowess and gadgetry, and Jaime's power is an alien technology that he'd never experienced.  I think it would have been very cool for Ted to examine the armor, and help Jaime figure some things out about it, but I don't know if that would have worked either.  The armor acted on many occasions to defend itself from perceived harm, and may have reacted that way to any probing from Ted - although I think Jaime could have reigned it in after the initial outburst. 
As AtPhantom pointed out, DC did go the distance in having Jaime see Ted as a role model, so a living mentor would have been a cool thing, and would have gone a long way (for me) to "approving" Jaime as the next Blue Beetle.  Dixon had given Ted a heart condition that was going to prevent him from being Blue Beetle anymore, so Ted would have had to approve Jaime (if they didn't go the Tim/BB direction).  "Passing the baton" is always the way to go with a legacy character.  I'll check out your blog soon.
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@Captain13: Hey, Captain', thanks for your comment.  I was just stoked that Mr. Dixon confirmed my theory.  I would like to be writing as a career, and I hold his writing in high regard, so to have guessed the direction he was going in left me on top of the world.  Tim Drake is an awesome character, no doubt.
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@longbowhunter said:
"Truly interesting. I loved Dixon's run on Robin. I have to track down the Birds of Prey issue where Tim and Blue Beetle go on a Mission together. I'm such a big Tim fan I would probably enjoy him in any role. Red Robin is one of my favorite series, and I'm sure if he had taken over as Blue Beetle I would have read it too. Jaime is a good Blue Beetle, even if he's so far off from the Ted version. Its a shame DC didnt give Dixon a little more creative leverage. Seeing as they killed off Ted and made Shephanie Robin anyhow. "

Hey, longbowhunter, thanks for the comment.  Your reaction is exactly what I was talking about.  That's what I'd expect from most readers of Tim Drake - "I would probably enjoy him in any role" - because Tim Drake is an awesome character.  He would have easily carried a Blue Beetle book.  I like the Jaime character too, I just have issues with his name being Blue Beetle (as I've gone on-and-on about).  I like Jaime, but I would have dearly loved to have seen what Chuck Dixon had in mind for Tim as BB.
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To me, the X-Men, Avengers and Justice League have way too high a turnover.  X-Men's a little bit of an odd case though.  On any other team, the question is "are they really qualified to be on this team?"  With an X-team, if you're a mutant, you're qualified.  From there, it's just a question of whether they are good or evil.  I get tired of seeing the rosters switch so much though.  With X-teams and Avengers, it seems like it wouldn't be done so much, if there weren't four or five (or more) books with X or Avengers on them. 
With JLA, it was a big deal when the Big 7 came back to the team.  To me, that IS the Justice League.  Anyone other than that is a placeholder - certainly only there to bring them to the attention of the readers and keep the copyright current for DC. 
As much as I thought Young Justice was a dumb name (so's Young Avengers) I was disappointed to see those kids become the next Teen Titans.  It shoved the originals aside, so that they were literally outsiders, so why not make them The Outsiders?  Well, because now the originals of that team are off in limbo somewhere, and the writers were compelled to throw Katana and Shift into the mix.  Personally, I liked the Outsiders series, but the crew had been shoved so far to the side by the YJ/Titans that they didn't seem to matter anymore.  To add insult to injury, the new characters that made the team interesting when they were the New Teen Titans - Starfire, Cyborg and Raven - were made part of the YJ/ Titans.  That just wasn't right. 
Most times, it seems like a roster shake-up is just to bring in B, C and even D list characters, so that they're active again.  I can do without that kind of change.

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@BrianDusel said:
"Thankyou G-Man for the nice preview.  Unfortunately, I will not be purchasing this issue.  It feels like they're already starting to try and phase Dick Grayson out of the book prematurely.  We all know, or at least assume, that Bruce will return full-time and the cowl will be given back.  Why waste what little time Dick has left with flashback stories for Bruce?  "

Maybe Dick doesn't have any time left?  As big a fan I am of Dick Grayson, he's coming out of the suit - now or later doesn't really matter.  Why not a flashback story?
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@AtPhantom: Okay, I'm stepping out on a ledge at this point, because I haven't read a lot of the Jaime series, so if I say something that's not so or badly needs correction, let me know. 
From the perspective of the Dan character, there were no gaps in the origin of the scarab.  It was mystical.  Dan didn't get the powers that Jaime got, because the scarab was never meant to do that.  Jaime's scarab armor and accompanying powers were made up for something that wasn't fleshed out beyond "it's magic."  As for Ted, he didn't get any of the scarab's powers, because it was buried in a cave-in, before he could get his hands on it.  When that whole "alien egg/scarab" thing happened towards the end of his series, I thought Ted destroyed it (don't honestly remember the details though).  ...Y'know, maybe my problem with Jaime's origin is just that it's the scarab.  If DC had worked out some kind of funky explanation for Ted's Bugship being an alien device that compacted itself down to the scarab size, and welded itself to Jaime's spine, I'd be able to buy that (as far as comic book explanations go), because it's technology becoming technology.  I just don't like the magical becomes technology scenario.  It makes no sense to me.  As I keep saying, I like the Jaime character, but I had to ignore his origin to do so. lol
To the heir thing: no, he didn't have an heir, but there's nothing DC could do there except introduce one.  BB was created at another company, before DC got hold of him.  Revealing Tim as a fan and working up a colleague relationship between the two would have been an organic way to bring us the next BB, without having to bring this new scarab out of left field.  I'm tellin' ya, if I were one day handed the Blue Beetle book, I would flip-flop it back to what it was.  I'd reveal the mystical scarab was still out there, and that Jaime's came from another source.  Now that he's been introduced as BB, I'd find some way to keep him connected to the Blue Beetle line, but I'd definitely find a way to make the Dan scarab and the Jaime scarab two separate things.  I don't know why the little point of the origin of Jaime's scarab bothers me so much, but it does. lol  I will concede that DC worked very hard to connect Jaime to the other two BB's, but for myself, it just didn't feel right.  The character was cool, but his connection to Blue Beetle didn't feel right. 
Back to Jason and Kyle: Jason was wrong from the start.  It was ballsy that he tried to boost the tires off of the Batmobile, but he had no respect for being Robin, and didn't have the mentality for being a hero.  He didn't listen to Batman, and was more violent than he needed to be.  Most of all though: Dick never approved him.  To me, that's what made the character unworthy.  When Tim came in, Dick eventually did approve him, and that cemented Tim as part of the Bat-family.  Now, Kyle I liked from the start, but an awful lot of people didn't.  The only reasons he got the acceptance he did were that a) Jordan had just gone nuts and destroyed the Corps and Oa, so to some, we needed a new GL, and b) it was a Guardian that gave him the ring, even if it was random.  From there on, Kyle earned the ring.  He was in appropriate awe of the heroes he met, to whom he had been a "mere mortal" before, he made some mistakes, wasn't arrogant about his newfound power, and showed the proper amount of respect for John, Alan and Guy.  When Jordan returned, it wasn't as much a case of approving Kyle, as approving the job he had done.  There was no denying Kyle at that point.  I didn't really care for it when Kyle became Dr. Manhattan... I mean Ion, but I was glad they kept him in the Corps. 
Thanks again. -cb
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@AtPhantom: The scarab is exactly what I'm talking about.  It was originally mystical - it allowed Dan Garret to become Blue Beetle by saying a magic word.  Back then, that was all the explanation needed.  If he said his magic word and was mystically decked out in some kind of armor, then I think they could make the leap that it was really an alien device like the one Jaime's got bonded to his spine.  In the Ted Kord series, they changed it to the scarab being some kind of egg for an alien entity - I didn't buy that either. 
Tim's adoration of Blue Beetle may have been "shoehorned" to accomodate the plan to make him the next Blue Beetle, but at least it would have been a logical progression.  With Jaime's armor, they had to change the very nature of the scarab to connect him to Blue Beetle.  Talk about "shoehorned!"  How is changing the key element of the original character to accomodate the new one better than building a relationship between characters that makes the name-handoff make sense? 
Jaime is a fun character, but everything about his connection to Blue Beetle is "shoehorned."  The only reason Dan and Ted were mentioned in Jaime's book, and the only reason any of Ted's villains appeared, was to try to get readers to accept Jaime as the new Blue Beetle, and to further "shoehorn" that connection.  As Blue Beetle, Jaime is missing the crucial element of any legacy character - the "passing of the baton" - the previous version didn't "approve" him as the next Blue Beetle.  That's what got Jason Todd killed, that's what gave fans a hard time with Kyle Rayner, that's what got Jaime's book cancelled, and that's why people had no problem with Wally West as the next Flash, or with Bart Allen as the Flash after that.  They had done their time as sidekicks to their predecessors - they had earned the costume, and earned the approval of their mentors.  Just like Battle For the Cowl was a farce, because everyone knew it could be no other choice but Dick.  Jaime just got this thing welded to his spine, it says "I'm the scarab," and he's the new Blue Beetle? Pft.  There's no legacy approval in that.
If DC had just named the character something else, and gave it a different origin, the book would still be going strong today.  They could have connected him to Kryptonian technology, to something Steel built, to something Cyborg built (strengthening his connection to Teen Titans), to a piece of STAR Labs tech, anything else.  Hell, a Mother Box freaked out in his vicinity one time - they could have connected him to the frickin' NEW GODS, and it would have made more sense than his connection to Blue Beetle. 
I like the Jaime character, I just don't like him being named Blue Beetle. 
Thanks again for your comment - I'm enjoying this.  Anything else will have to wait tho' - I've gotta get some shuteye.  Later.  :)
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@AtPhantom said:

"I'm perfectly happy with Jaime as Blue Beetle, thank you very much. "

LOL  Obviously, I'm not.  Mostly, it's that I was around to read the 1986 Blue Beetle title, when it was new, and I just love that character.  I'm fine with the Jaime character, but he didn't need to be connected to Blue Beetle.  His origin required a total retcon of the Blue Beetle history, and totally changed what the scarab is.  There's 101 things he could have been named, other than Blue Beetle.  "Scarab" is a sorry excuse for a Robin villain - DC could have used that name.  "Silver Scarab" is an ex-member of Infinity Inc. that DC's not using - they could have made the armor silver and used that name.  "Armor" has been used by Continuity and Marvel - there's no reason DC couldn't have their own "Armor" too.  Tank, Construct, Weapon, Metalmorph (yes, "metal," not "meta" - it's wordplay), anything but Blue Beetle!  Jaime could have been named anything else, and still been the same great character that he is. 
Ted Kord had that great Bugship, and that's just in mothballs now.  So are his villains.  What a waste of great visuals and a great character. 
Thanks for your comment. ;)