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@impurestcheese: I appreciate you! I appreciate you! ;} (We all get there at some point- keep yer chin up) ;)

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@impurestcheese: Don't kill yourself trying. Enjoy writing for itself. Readers will follow. ;)

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@bumpyboo: <beaming> Glad you like it! I want to get around to reading more of yours and wildvine's stuff, but...too much to read! Agggghhhh! Actually, I read a bunch of the comics you drew and posted before I started this. I haven't gone back to find them yet.

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@g_man: P.S. Your writing is getting much better. Kudos.

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@impurestcheese: I think people's schedules have tightened up a bit. Remember that many users have just started back to school.

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I haven't been reading this, but my initial thought was Alfred hiding his Outsider face, but I don't really think that. "Court" could be italicized to emphasize the Hood's tones and inflections, but it could also be a hint to the readers that this guy has something to do with the Court of Owls. The Court is supposed to go back much further than Zero Year, but the Red Hood Gang idea seems to be in keeping with the Owls, and if they weren't, why wouldn't the Court take them down?

I've never liked the chemical bath origin of the Joker. I'd really rather the guy in the Hood taking the dip turn out to be Clayface or even Plastic Man- one result (clay powers/stretchiness) instead of several (white skin, red lips [just more skin btw], green hair, yellow nails and teeth). The Joker makes no sense from that origin. It would make much more sense that he was joking about it.

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to be edited.

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@batkevin74: That's it! Next contest, I'm getting paid, or nobody's getting a vote! Equal treatment for unequal practices! ...Or something like that.

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@maccyd: @batkevin74: Wait wait wait waaaaait a minute! There was money exchanged here? Payouts?! How does Batkev' keep getting paid for votes, and no one offers to buy me off? What. the. fudge?!