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@batkevin74: Oh, and Don Markstein is great! I poured through the Toonopedia when I first discovered it online. I haven't looked at it in ages, but at one time, my name was in the acknowledgements, alongside Kurt Busiek and (I think) Mark Waid. Made me feel pretty good. :)

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@batkevin74: Well, as long as it wasn't something stupid (he says with sarcasm). I agree on the Wonder Twins. I never understood why DC didn't make more use of them (or even Wendy & Marvin) in the comics, outside of the Super Friends comic. They could have easily been Teen Titans. I know Wendy & Marvin were used in the 2003 Teen Titans title, but that's not exactly how I meant.

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@pikahyper: @rorie: HUZZAH! I was able to log out of my alternate account (BumpInTheNight)! Now my question is: is it fixed for good, or will I have the same problem, if I log in again? And will I be able to post to forum posts, blogs, etc.? Yeah, I'm a little chicken to go try for myself. :}

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@batkevin74: "Kinda" white? No, they were white, period. Very much a product of the times. That every black character first introduced into comics was named "Black (Something)" has been commented on so many times, it's a joke. I mean, what was the idea with Black Vulcan anyway? "We don't want to emphasize 'Lightning,' because kids might start playing with electricity and hurt themselves. But let's leave 'Black' - white kids won't know what he is otherwise." I mean, that's stupid, but what was it, if not something equally as dumb?

Whatever the case, you're completely on target with the less developed characters having more potential. Black Vulcan was my favorite, with Samurai a close second (although I continually make the mistake of thinking his name was Super Samurai). I always considered The Wonder Twins as sidekicks, which I mentally rank just above second tier characters, but not quite stars.

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Nice work.

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Sorry, took me a little longer than I said. I liked it. Two things: 1) It's "en route." People spell it wrong all the time. 2) I was reading Bones, but hearing Nick Fury. He's always struck me more as the Maxwell Lord/ Amanda Waller type. No biggie really, but just my personal observation.

Loved the mention of all the Super Friends second stringers.

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@judge_dredd: I don't know. I think he had the chance for him to be gone like that when he went to space with the rest of Kurr's race. Larsen has always said that nobody is safe in the book, and that includes Dragon. I think maybe he's really going to kill him. Even if he doesn't, Malcolm is definitely stepping into the main character status. You're right: very exciting time for the book - but I'm not expecting a lot of fanfare for it. I think Larsen's just going to make the change, and that'll be that.

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