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Hey, jatoe'! I only just got to this, and it. is. terrific! To me, Frogman is a step below Ambush Bug on the annoyance meter, but at least he's not insane. Clearly deluded, but not insane. You though - you've made the dope lovable. That's pure gold.

P.S. You linked chapter 2 in the comments, but you should link it at the end of the O.P., so readers can continue on. ;)

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@lars_maximus: I'm honestly not sure either way, but what I was recalling at the time was when Thanos was first after the Infinity Gems, the Elders met on Ego to strategize, because (I thought) Ego was one of the Elders as well. I'm either wrong (quite possible), or it's something that got retconned out.

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@rabbitearsblog: Nah, not shorter, it's just needs a little editing for tenses and stuff like that. Try reading it out loud, in your best reporter voice, and you'll probably catch what needs fixing. ;)

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@batkevin74: Maths checked - see the first comment box, just below the contest entries (just added it in).

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Why doesn't anyone use tables for these things? They'd make your life so much easier, and your page a lot shorter. Cool pics. :)

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The news report needs some editing, but this is really nice. I'm with @lykopis - seeing Peter and Kitty together took me back to the good ol' days. Very nice.

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I met George Perez recently at a Con. He did a quick sketch of Frog-Man for me, it's not very good but I thought I could do with a bump @batkevin74 @rabbitearsblog @cbishop @impurestcheese

You have a sketch by Perez, and say, "it's not very good?" Gah! Lol, for not knowing the character and only just seeing the reference, I think it's cool. But seriously dude, you had the chance to have George Perez draw something, and you asked for Frog-Man? I would've had to have asked him for one of the 80's Teen Titans. You are a truly dedicated fan of that Frog-Man, sir. ;)

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@lykopis: No problem. The not naming characters restriction went away after the two CCC's shown in this blog entry. The continuing story, although I said it went away after 5, I suppose that isn't quite right. Like I said, Heironymous is a dragon, and was supposed to be the escort mentioned in this scene. He's shown up in CCC #6 & 12, so I guess you could say the threads are still there. I'm not actively trying to insert links to this story in the CCC now though. So if you're looking for hints of that continuing story, you may be disappointed. ...I hope you enjoy the other entries though. ;)