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Yo @cbishop, when are some of the other stories getting their own pics?

I was just asking myself that earlier today. :}

It's been on a long-delayed hold. Those things take time, and I've been focused on other stuff. Part of the problem is the USB drive I had the template on got scrambled by some kind of incompatibility issue, and I haven't had the money to pay getdataback to unscramble it. <sigh> It'll get done eventually.

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@cbishop: he's the underused, totally forgotten Punisher wannabe of the DCU. I always loved that he was very 80's America well at least from my perspective; grab a gun, pull on a hockey jersey and shoot crime!

Oh yeah, I think he was very much a reaction to Punisher and movies that followed that sort of theme. With the real-world guys out there dressing up as superheroes to inspire niceness in their communities, we're possibly just one crazy away from a Punisher or Wild Dog. :}

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@dngn4774: 6CC wasn't a serious suggestion- just anything but "Reborn." That makes it sound like 5CC is dead, which it isn't. At any rate, this is being discussed in the group PM. ;)

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@rocketraccoonthingy: The moral shows you were being silly with it, but sometimes we write something with real potential when we're not trying as hard. I really do think tweaking could make this publishable.

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@joshmightbe: It seems right that the guy who never misses and the guy who wings everything once the action starts should kill each other. My only quibble was a minor one: I'd think Pete would have snagged the beer with a webline from where he was standing, rather than walking over to get it. :)

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@rocketraccoonthingy: Nothing wrong with an original story, even a cutesy original story. It's kinda...short. Actually though, while I was reading it, the tone made me think of those Little Golden Books (except for the phrasing of the moral), with a picture per page and just a line or two on each page. With a little tweaking and some art, this could be made into one of those books. :)

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@batkevin74: @dngn4774: @joshmightbe: I still want to get the Action Comics issues that had Wild Dog, and I think there were some Showcase issues with him too. I wish the mini-series had led to an ongoing, because the premise was interesting. I just don't think the readership was ready for it at the time. The idea was that Wild Dog could be real. In issue #1, there was a text page from the writer where the letter column would be in later issues, explaining that everything Wild Dog used in the comic could be had in the real world by the average joe. That's why it was a sports jersey, a hockey mask, machine gun and yes, even shock gloves. He had stuff that could be bought at army surplus stores and the like. I'm honestly surprised that no one has ever tried to rebrand his image for comics.

P.S. Call me out for the next one. :)

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@dngn4774: Curious to see how this works.

P.S. "Reborn Universe" though? The current 5CC isn't dead. Why not just Ultimate 5CC? Or 6CC? ...Or...something.