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@wildvine: Quite possibly! You write a mean story when...you're not...being...so...lazy. :/

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@impurestcheese: @wildvine: True! I was so hoping we'd close the gap on BK and make him sweat to get that tenth win! OR better: steal it! lol

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@impurestcheese: Hey, Imp', I will read this later. I keep buzzing in and out to check the CCC vote, but haven't had time for full story reading today. Smile. :)

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@impurestcheese: Yeah, your wiring makes you seem a little neurotic sometimes, but meh, we luv ya. ;)

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@wildvine: Can I just tell you that when I mentioned zombies acting as medical examiners, I knew nothing about iZombie? I just watched all the CW clips on the show, and laughed myself silly. Unintentional comic reference for the win. :)

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@impurestcheese said:

@cbishop: Just feel like I'm letting the side down with recent contest entries. No matter how hard I try it never seems to be good enough. Even more annoying is that even at his most lax, batkevin seems to be doing better than me.

Wellllll, we gave batkev' hell for writing an entry "too short," so he gave us what I call "Shakespeare's Brains" instead. I'm as surprised as you are that it got a vote (sorry, batkevin') but here's the thing...it's all in what the voter needs. That voter needed a laugh, and BK gave it to them. <shrugs> Can't argue with that- the reader likes what the reader likes. The site is not dependent on your contest entries. We enjoy them, but take the world off of your shoulders, Atlas- you don't have to hold that weight. Forget whether we enjoyed it (but for the record, I did enjoy yours- it just didn't get my vote). YOU enjoy what you're doing, or why are you doing it? Besides, I'll say again- the vote could change in the next week, and you could find yourself far out in front of everyone else. If not, we try again next contest. Just wait. ;)

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@impurestcheese: Imp', it just works that way sometimes. I've had plenty of entries that I thought were solid contenders for the win get no votes. This isn't over for a week though, so don't count it out. I could find myself at the bottom of the vote pile before this is done. Your story is cool, but like I said, sometimes you have to go with the thinnest of reasons just shorty of eeny-meeny-miney-moe to pick...and 4donk' has even done that (well, random number generator to pick). There have been a couple of contests where absolute crap won in my opinion, but the vote count is the vote count.

@wildvine: I'll have to look that up. It needs a little fixing though.

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@thorson: Have you read some of the stuff in similar stories? They won't have a problem with it.

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