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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:Flash: The Murder of Professor Zoom.
Alternate Title:
  1. Flash: Murderer
  2. Flash: The Death of Professor Zoom.
Collecting 12 Issues:Flash #322-328, 332-336.
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: Flash #325

Before Barry Allen shuffled off of this mortal coil, in Crisis on Infinite Earths #8, he had a tough couple of years, and it was just as tough on the fans. Arrested for the apparent murder of Professor Zoom, Flash's ordeal wasn't over with until the series ended with #350. Going by the covers, the battle that led to Zoom's death looks like it started in Flash #322, and the rest of the issues have to do with the battle, Flash's arrest, the reaction of citizens and the Justice League, and him trying to clear his name. I really like the cover of #326 (Flash in handcuffs) but I think I would use #325 for the cover of the TPB. This trade would be a good lead-in to the TPB that I really want to get to... The Trial of the Flash.


Proposed Title:The Trial of the Flash.
Alternate Title:Flash: The Trial of the Flash. (I hate it when they do a title like that, but I've seen it happen.)
Collecting 11 Issues:Flash #340-350.
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: Flash #344
The Trials of the Flash #1

At last, the neverending trial of the Flash! That's what it seemed like at the time, and really, it lasted for eleven freakin' months, people! That's just as long as the O.J. Simpson trial (but without the annoying daily updates). Every month that another issue came out, and the trial wasn't ended, it just made you roll your eyes and go, "Really?!" Still, this was the last Flash story, before he died destroying the Anti-Monitor's cannon, in COIE. The Tangent Comics title, Trials of the Flash, was a nod and wink to this story.

I think this should be reprinted, along with the TPB above, which collects the story of Professor Zoom's apparent death. Especially now that Barry Allen's back from the dead - a look back at his last acts before his death wouldn't be out of line. I would use the cover of #340, #344, #345 or #349 for the TPB, with just the title - no word balloons or other text. The covers of #344 & #345 are the only ones that show a judge or anything resembling a court. Of those two, #345 is in full color, but it focuses more on Flash being unmasked. I think I'd go with #344 for the TPB cover, even though a good portion of it is in black-and-white.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.

Did U Buy It?
TPB Cover
Flash #347

1/16/13: DC has published the trial as Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash. It reprints Flash #323-327, 329-336 and 340-350. That means DC picked the initial issues before #340 a little different than I did, but that's not surprising. I was going by memory and the covers only, to decide what issues should be included. I wasn't at all sure about the issues before the trial began. Very cool that they reprinted this story. Once again, a little disappointing that it's in black-and-white, instead of color. It costs money to recolor older stories for the newer printing processes though, so it is understandable. For the cover, they used Flash #347, which surprised me, since Flash isn't facing the reader, but it's not a bad choice. So what's the verdict? Did you buy it?

Update 9/4/14: I moved this blog to the Showcase Presents: The Trial of the Flash forum. :)


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Thanks again!

Posted by Demas

Love love love The Flash and buy literally everything he's in... so I would get this... but I don't want these to come out in trades because if someone picked these up they might get a bad impression of The Flash. >_<

Edited by cbishop
@Demas: Nah, you pretty much know the hero is getting out of it, when they go to trial.  Even if they were found guilty and went to prison, it would be written in such a way as to make the hero seem that much more noble... and eventually they'd be cleared. lol  Besides, this is Barry Allen we're talking about, and everyone knows he was the second biggest noble death in Crisis on Infinite Earths.  Murder and trial stories aren't going to sway anybody from supporting this hero! ;) 
Love your avatar, btw. :D
Posted by Demas
@cbishop said:
" Love your avatar, btw. :D "
Posted by daredevil21134

I would by it.Barry Allen forever
Posted by cbishop
@daredevil21134: lol  Awesome.  It really was weird that this was the last Flash arc before killing him off in COIE.  In retrospect, perhaps that's what the pained and tortured look on his face was, when he appeared to Batman and others throughout the DCU, before the anti-matter wave hit. ;)
Posted by NightFang
@daredevil21134 said:
" I would by it.Barry Allen forever "
Posted by daredevil21134
@cbishop said:
"@daredevil21134: lol  Awesome.  It really was weird that this was the last Flash arc before killing him off in COIE.  In retrospect, perhaps that's what the pained and tortured look on his face was, when he appeared to Batman and others throughout the DCU, before the anti-matter wave hit. ;) "

Posted by Lustwish

Without a doubt my friend.  Its a good read and I have most of the issues, and I would buy them over again.  YES!

Edited by daredevil21134

Long Live Barry Allen The Greatest Flash Ever
Posted by cbishop
@daredevil21134: Annnnnd marking daredevil21134 down as a "yes." ;)
Posted by daredevil21134


Posted by cbishop
@daredevil21134: Those're cool. :)
Posted by daredevil21134
@cbishop said:
"@daredevil21134: Those're cool. :) "

He is so Awsome its not even funny and I can't wait till Flashpoint
Posted by The Qu

We're actually getting the Trial! Maybe Murder too, I dunno. It's in a Showcase.

Posted by cbishop
@The Qu said:
"We're actually getting the Trial! Maybe Murder too, I dunno. It's in a Showcase."

Aw, man.  I actually do enjoy the Showcase Presents TPB's (I think I have 6 or 7), but I hate that they're in black-and-white (that has to do with how expensive it is to recolor old stories that were published on newsprint).  At least the material is there, but it loses something in B&W.  I was really glad to see the Showcase Presents: Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew TPB get cancelled, because that REALLY needs to get collected in color. :)
Edited by Video_Martian

I would SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO buy this!!!

Make it happen, DC!!!

Posted by cbishop

Um, just curious what DD21134 thinks of Flashpoint now? :}

Posted by Video_Martian
Posted by cbishop
Posted by Video_Martian

@cbishop: Yeah, im kinda dissapointed that the trade wasn't in color either =( Maybe in a few years time...

Posted by cbishop

@mr.obvious: Maybe. If the response is good to a Barry Flash series again, I could see them revisiting it for color printing, but probably in a hardcover first.

I was interested in another showcase, for Captain Carrot, and they cancelled that, so I wonder if a color version of that is coming?