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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis. (DKOM, for short.)
Alternate Title:
  1. Superman/ Batman: DKOM
  2. Batman: DKOM.
Collecting 4 Issues:
  • Superman #44
  • Adventures of Superman #467
  • Action Comics #653-654
Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: Superman #44

I actually don't know anything about this story. I ran across it while browsing covers, and thought it looked cool. Although "Dark Knight Over Metropolis" was only a three issue arc, it appears that Action #653 leads directly into this story, so I included it in the collection. If I picked one of these covers for the TPB cover, I'd go with Superman #44. It tells you that both Superman and Batman are involved, and the kryptonite ring at the bottom tells you that there's kryptonite (and possibly Luthor) involved. Everything a good cover should do.

Whenever Batman guest stars in a cool story, my inclination is to suggest a Brave and the Bold title for a proposed collection, but Superman changes that to a Superman/ Batman title suggestion. (World's Finest is on two or three trades already, for two or three different WF mini-series - who needs the confusion?) The only reason my first suggestion is Superman: DKOM, is because all of the issues came from the Superman titles, and DC has a well established precedent of putting "Superman" on any collection from those titles, whether there's a better title possible or not. May as well be consistent. It could sell just as well (probably better) as Batman: DKOM, but that seems a little bit shady, to sell Superman issues under the Batman banner. I wouldn't mind the Superman/ Batman title, because they are both in the story, but Superman: DKOM is probably best. Besides, "Dark Knight" in the title already tells the buyer that Batman is involved.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.

Did U Buy It?
TPB Cover
Action Comics Annual #1

8/30/13: So here's another one that DC decided to do! Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis! They've added some issues that don't seem to relate to the storyline, like Adventure Comics #466 and Action Comics Annual #1 (they used the annual's cover for the TPB cover). Like the Superman vs. Shazam TPB, this is in FULL COLOR! Coming out in October, available for pre-order on Amazon! Did you buy it?

Update 9/4/14: I moved this blog to the Superman: Dark Knight Over Metropolis forum. :)


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Posted by Blurred View

Wow. Now this brings back memories. I think these were some of the first (or maybe actually the first) Superman and Batman comics I ever read.

Posted by cbishop
@Blurred View: Oh, thank you so much.  I just got to feel really, really old reading that.... whippersnapper. lol