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We all have trade paperback (TPB) collections we'd like to see. Here's one of mine:

Proposed Title:DC Comics Presents: Superman and Shazam!.
Collecting 9 Issues:
  • Shazam! #15
  • Superman (1939) #276
  • All-New Collector’s Edition #58*
  • DC Comics Presents #33-34, 49
  • DC Comics Presents Annual #3
  • All-Star Squadron #36-37

*aka Superman vs. Shazam - When Worlds Collide.

Covers: (click to enlarge)
TPB Cover: DCCP #49, ANCE #58, or All-Star Squadron #36

I chose the DC Comics Presents title for three reasons: 1) That's the title that gave me the idea to suggest this collection, 2) It preserves the title copyright for DC, to have it on a TPB that would (hopefully) stay in print, and 3) It's a little bit of nostalgia for me. However, on a new TPB, would the old style DC bullet change into the new DC emblem?

The Superman issue is DC's use of Captain Marvel without using Captain Marvel. "Captain Thunder" was Marvel's name way back when he first started, and in this story, Cap's other identity is "Willie Fawcett" - "Willie" being another nickname for "Bill" (like "Billy"), and "Fawcett" being the company that published Captain Marvel for so long. You'll notice that the lightning emblem is replaced by a sunburst on Cap's chest.

I'd put these issues in chronological order (as they are shown). I think it would be interesting to see how things changed over time. I left out an issue of Shazam where Supes and Cap battle, because it was from the time Shazam was a Saturday morning TV show. I think that story would have been out-of-continuity at the time, like Super Friends was, and even though various crises have retconned them, I only wanted to include in-continuity stories.

DCCP Annual #3 is one of my all-time favorite single issues, so I'd be tempted to go with that for the cover of the trade. However, I think that DCCP #49, All-New Collector's Edition #58, or All-Star Squadron #37 would be better choices, but without the word balloons. The best choice might be #49, the way Black Adam has been selling in recent years.

I didn't include any issues of Cap and Supes together from later years, because once I got them together, the DC Comics Presents issues were the cutoff between "then" and "now," as far as how Captain Marvel is portrayed (the other issues will be seen in a future Would U Buy It). The All-Star Squadron issues happened about the same time as the DCCP Annual.

Would you buy it? Let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.


Will U Buy It?

11/14/12: In the November 2012 Previews, DC has solicited the Superman vs. Shazam! TP, using the cover of All-New Collector's Edition #58 as the solicitation image (and presumably, the cover of the TPB). It is collecting: All-New Collector's Edition #C-58, DC Comics Presents #33-34, 49, and DC Comics Presents Annual #3!

Now, if you check out the comments, you'll see that @Captainthunder: & @PowerHerc: were very helpful with this WUBI, suggesting some issues to add, and some issues to leave out. I didn't listen to all of the suggestions (some, but not all), but DC did. They left out Shazam #15, but Cap' points out that while Lex Luthor appears in that issue, Superman does not. I think Superman #276 would have been a cool inclusion, but it's not actually Captain Marvel that Superman's fighting there, so okay, that's understandable. They also didn't include All-Star Squadron #36-37. That's a little disappointing, but it's still okay. That Supes & Marvel aren't exactly the same two as in the DC Comics Presents stories - they're from another Earth, during World War II. So in that regard, it makes sense not to include them. For the purposes of this WUBI, I was gathering any Supes/Marvel fight or team-up I could find, regardless of Earth or era.

Very cool collection, and I am excited to see it coming out! It's being solicited as $19.99, and will be in glorious full color! Yay, DC! So NOW, the question is:

Will you buy it?


Did U Buy It?
TPB Cover
All-New Collector's Edition #C-58

3/13/13: It's here! It's here! It's here! Superman vs. Shazam!, and it. is. awesome! Considering how I gushed about this in the "Will You Buy It?" section, there's not a whole lot more to say about it. As you can see, they went with the current DC icon, instead of the classic DC bullet. It does indeed use the cover to All-New Collector's Edition #C-58, and the recolor looks great! And BEST, it is in spectacular FULL COLOR! How freakin' sweet is that?! So what's the ruling? Did you buy it?.

Update 9/4/14: I moved this blog to the Superman Vs. Shazam! forum. :)


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Thanks again!

Note: Thanks to Captainthunder and PowerHerc for their help, from the comments. Their help was invaluable. Thanks!

Posted by Captainthunder

I own all of these and I remember seaching for #34 for four years (before eBay) at different convention and shops until I finally found it I had worn mine out. This would be and excellent choice but I would include the treasury size issue "when worlds collide". That superman #276 was also a hard one to find back then.
I would buy it if it were in a TPB.

Posted by PowerHerc

I have all of these except the last one and I'd still buy this TPB.  No question about it.   
When it comes to DC, you can never have to many Superman vs. Captain Marvel battles.
Edited by cbishop
Cap', I had to do a little research to find that treasury edition you were talking about.  It's not on CV, but I found it elsewhere... but I also found these: 

Shazam! #15, 30; JL/A #135-137.
What do you guys think?  If I added the Treasury issue (not pictured), and these 5 issues, would it still be a good collection?  The 3 issues of Justice League are all one story, set on Earth-S.  Would you include the whole story, or just the one issue where Cap & Supes fight?  Let me know. :)
Posted by PowerHerc
@cbishop said:
Cap', I had to do a little research to find that treasury edition you were talking about.  It's not on CV, but I found it elsewhere... but I also found these: 

Shazam! #15, 30; JL/A #135-137.
What do you guys think?  If I added the Treasury issue (not pictured), and these 5 issues, would it still be a good collection?  The 3 issues of Justice League are all one story, set on Earth-S.  Would you include the whole story, or just the one issue where Cap & Supes fight?  Let me know. :) "

I haven't read or even seen the SHAZAM issues, so I can't comment on those.  I hope they're good, but if they don't fight (even a little bit) I'd leave 'em out.   

The treasury editon is nice visually, but underwhelming overall.  Still, I'd include it just because of the visuals.   
I'm glad you asked about the JLA issues.  Include these in a Superman/SHAZAM collection?  No. Nay. Never.   
I got/had the final issue of this arc when I was still too young to read.  I wore it out looking at it, having my older sister read it to me and eventually  trying and learning to read it myself.  That said;  I've since been able to buy and read the whole story and it's my opinion that the story and art aren't too bad. The problem is Superman and Captain Marvel only meet  for a very brief moment at the end and don't even fight.  It's the most anti-climactic thing I've ever seen in a comic.  The cover is one of the coolest ever as well as one of my all-time favorites, but it is totally and completely misleading.  Besides these three issues have already been collected in  JLA: Crisis on Multiple Earths TPB vol. 4.  Leave them out.   

Edited by cbishop
@PowerHerc: Man, I must have been tired when I replied before.  I thought about the fact that they were reprinted in the Crisis on Multiple Earths TPB's, and even that I have those TPB's, but not to go check 'em out. lol    ...The Supes/Cap clash is even re-rendered on the Vol. 4 cover.  I just checked it out, and you're right - totally not worth having in the collection. 
However, my criteria isn't that they fight, but that they team up.  Still, the JL/A issues are out.  The others I will edit in though, because they look substantial enough to be interesting stories.  I sure would like to hear Captainthunder's opinion of Shazam #30 though (he seems to know a lot about Cap) - it seems a little 'toon-ified, with the DC/TV logo and all.  I'd like to know if it was "in continuity," or something sort of outside, like Superfriends was. 
EDIT: Actually, the more I look at #30, I don't think I'm going to include it.  It carries the declaration "Saturday morning super-star" at the top, and that DC-TV logo - I think it's probably out-of-continuity, and therefore not really what I'm looking for.  If I include that one, then I'll feel like I need to look through the more recent DC Kids titles to find other out-of-continuity stories.  Blech.  So just #15 and the Treasury.
Edited by Captainthunder
The Shazam issues #15 Lex Luther gets transported to Earth S via a magic lightning rod and a captain marvel comic book where he and Mr. Mind fight Captain Marvel, but no Superman. In Shazam Issue 30 the superman is actually a robot made of steel that looks like superman but breaks when he is struck by Captain Marvel. ( I would leave both of those out.) 
Here would be a great addition! Great Story and Art.
 All Star Squadron 37
All Star Squadron 36

 All New Collectors edition C-58
Posted by cbishop
@Captainthunder: Cap', you are the man!  A cover image for All-New Collector's Edition #58 (I'm using IE, so CV won't let me upload images), and two issues I forgot.  How I let All-Star Squadron slip my mind, I don't know - I love that book!  I added the All-Star issues in, added the cover image, and decided to leave Shazam #15 in (and continue to leave #30 out - thanks).  I'm kind of looking at the history of their team-ups here, and even if Superman doesn't appear in that issue, I think it's really cool that Lex Luthor does. <shrugs> Choice of whimsy, maybe, but I'll stick by it.   Tremendous thanks for your input and assistance! :)
Posted by Captainthunder
In my opinion, I would go with the Justice league comic with both of them on the cover instead of the Shazam issue; it just doesn't fit.

Have you ever noticed Nucular-Man's costume from SupermanIV the movie looks like Captain Thunder.
Posted by cbishop
@Captainthunder said:
"@cbishop: Have you ever noticed Nucular-Man's costume from SupermanIV the movie looks like Captain Thunder.
Nope. Hadn't noticed...you really think they look alike?
Posted by Captainthunder
The sunburst on the chest, and the arm bands. I think there was an influence there.
Posted by cbishop
@Captainthunder: Mmm, it's a possibility.
Posted by The Qu

Whoa- I had no idea Captain Sivana was from something! I thought the writers from Brave and the Bold just made him up. That show references the most obscure stuff.

Posted by Donovan Montgomery

I would definitely pick this one up, Have I mentioned I love this idea you have here? 
I just bought a trade I had all but one issue of and realized I hadn't read the other issues for quite some time.

Posted by cbishop
@Donovan Montgomery: Thanks, Donovan!  I wish I had time to do more, but I'm on a library computer with limited time.  Hopefully, I'll have 'net at home again, soon! :)
Posted by cbishop

Check out the update in the blog - DC is printing this one as Superman vs. Shazam, with 5 of the 9 suggested issues. What's left out makes sense, and it looks like it's going to be an awesome collection!

Will you buy it?